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21 Easy Moving Tips & Tricks

If you know some easy moving tips & tricks then it would be easier for you when you are shifting. Here are 21 easy moving tips & tricks for you. There are some best Packers And Movers In Bangalore which can give you these tips also.

1. Get The Free Moving Boxes:

You can gather free moving boxes instead of buying cardboard boxes. You can get free moving boxes easily at your local recycling drop off points.

2. Try To Reuse The Original Boxes Of Items:

Electronic and appliances always come in boxes. You can use the original boxes for packing and moving as they fit in those boxes easily.

3. Donate Some Items:

Yes, you may not require all the furniture to take with you when you are shifting. So, you can easily donate them to local charitable organizations or if you want to make money then you can also sell them at reasonable price.

4. Get The Total Quote From 2-3 Companies:

There are some very good Packers And Movers In Bellandur and when you are looking to shift then you should get the quote from minimum 2-3 companies so that you can get the best deal to choose from.

5. Use As Many Water Bottles As Possible When Moving:

Yes, moving is a hectic job. You do get tired and thirst. So, keep as many water bottles as possible to keep you hydrated and moving job go smoothly.

6. Take Pictures Of The Items Before Moving Them:

If you are hiring Packers And Movers In Electronic City then before packing you should take pictures of items especially the precious ones so that in case of any damaged caused by the mistake of guys from the company you can claim the compensation.

7. Choose A Date And Month That Suits Your Schedule:

Yes, shifting takes time and effort before and after moving. So, you need to choose date and month that fits your busy schedule.

8. Track your move:

You should use tracker device like iPad to track the movement from Packers And Movers In Marathahalli

9. Use Color Coding When Moving Boxes:

You can simply use color coding for boxes when you are moving items.

10. Use Foam Pouches For Specific Items:

You can use foams for items like plates, glassware and bowls.

11. Use Door Stopper:

You need to use door stopper as your door would be opened when moving items.

12. Use Small Boxes For Heavy Items:

When you choose packers and movers in Bangalore ask them to use small boxes for heavy items.

13. Give Cushion To Boxes In Which Fragile Items Are Boxed:

You can use pillows and blankets to give cushion to such boxes in which fragile items are kept.

14. Keep The Boxes For Next Time Shift:

You may move in future as well so keep the boxes intact and flattened at your new place.

15. Keep The Donation Receipts For Tax Purpose:

You can save taxes this way.

16. Make Sure The Truck Used For Moving Gets Parking Space:

At the place moving from and moving to truck must get parking space.

17. Keep Extra Cash For Tips:

Give it to movers.

18. Check Everything Before You Finally Leave:

Check drawers, cabinets etc. so that nothing is left.

19. Rekey Your New House:

Keep the key of new house with you.

20. Use Planner Tool:

When you choose packers and movers in Bellandur, use planner tool.

21. Keep A Separate Bag On Moving Day:

Use this bag on moving day for items which you need on the move.

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