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A 6-way step by step guide to pack home theatre

In the last decade, Whitefield, which was initially known as the hub of IT groups and MNCs, has also started accommodating domestic spaces. With top-notch connectivity and a wide social infrastructure, it soon caught the attention of the residents planning to move to East Bangalore. If you, too, are looking for house-shifting services in Bangalore – packers and movers Whitefield Bangalore could be your shifting partner. Whether you have office stationery or household goods to transport, they are one of the best-shifting services available.

Those in a dilemma about how to pack and remove their home theatre could always connect with this service provider and get the work done. Let’s give you a glimpse of how they work –

How do packers and movers Whitefield Bangalore shift home theatres?

If you think that moving a home theatre is just about disconnecting cables and packing them in cardboard boxes, you are in for a surprise! You need to be concerned about a hundred other things while you move your home theatre from one pad to another.

As you will scroll down this article, you will get a step-by-step guide about how to pack and move home theatre in a professional manner (Packers and Movers In Bangalore will guide you).

If you choose the services rendered by packers and movers Whitefield Bangalore, this is how they will do it –

For starters, what kind of packing materials will you require?

It ranges from – sturdy original moving boxes, bubble wraps, cushioning material, and cotton clothes.

How will they do it?

Step 1 – Taking the pictures

You will find them taking pictures of everything when they show you their demo videos (which you must ask to see before you decide on hiring their services). From – game consoles, cables, and streaming players to DVD players, their service provider will take photos of it all to ensure that there is no misplacement or allegation later on the company officials.

packers and movers Whitefield Bangalore

They will precisely capture pictures of the cables so that during the unpacking process, they can attach the wires accordingly.

There have been multiple cases of service providers accused of stealing products. The packers and movers Whitefield Bangalore have maintained their professionalism and tolerate no lackadaisical attitude on the part of their employees or allegations from clients.

Step 2 – Disconnecting the cables

The next step that these service providers will take is – disconnecting the cables. They will disconnect and round up the cables with utmost precision so that when they have to refix them, there will be no problem as such.

Step 3 – Zip-tying the cables

The packers and movers Whitefield Bangalore service providers next will concentrate on zip-tying the cables. They will sort out the cables in a linear manner, tag them as per the colour of the equipment and organize them in different packs. This will ease the process of fixing the cables when unpacking.

#Just a tip – you can follow this process if you have to keep your chargers or any other electrical wires without entangling them. 

Step 4 – Prepare the packing box

This is the most crucial part. They either get the original equipment box or they get a sturdy box and fill it with bubble wrap and pad it up with – packing peanuts and cotton shirts. Overall, the box is prepared like a safe haven for your home theatre.

Step 5 – Packing the Home Theatre

This is the last step. They will carefully place it in the box to secure the padding. They will add a couple more cotton shirts or bubble wraps if required to ensure the edges are safe.

Step 6 – Securing the equipment

Lastly, they will secure the box with tape and seal it around the edges. While loading, they will categorically search out a spot wherein the movement will be minimum (maybe the back wall or space against the side). They will also label it as fragile to ensure that nothing is placed on top of it.

The packers and movers Whitefield Bangalore service providers follow this 6-step process to move the home theatre from one place to another.

Are you sure about the after-transportation process?

Now that you know about this 6-step process followed, you can be assured that your goods will be transported correctly.

However, what is to be done after that? Will these service providers help?

Before finalizing them for moving your home theatre, you will have to place these queries before them –

  1. Will they help in unpacking and placement?
  2. What if there is some damage to your goods or any untoward incident? Who will bear the expenses of the same?
  3. Are the costs negotiable? What about the post-shifting period? Are there any charges for the same?
  4. What if there is some emergency and it causes some delay? Who will take care of that?

When you get positive answers for the same, it is only then that you can proceed with your contract with packers and movers Whitefield Bangalore.

To get answers to all your queries, you will have to connect with their representatives via – website chat, phone call or email.

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How to connect with them?

If you, too, wish to remove your home theatre and other gadgets in such a precise manner, it is best to connect with Packers and Movers in Bangalore. You can always log into their website – and try connecting with their representatives via website chat. After that, you can mail them and schedule a meeting with them where they would demonstrate their shifting details with you and chart out a plan.

Categorically, packers and movers Whitefield Bangalore have always stayed at the top when offering shifting services. This time around, they are offering specialized services wherein you are bound to get a quality upgrade compared to previous situations.

With them around, be assured of getting nothing short of the best!

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