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A Complete List Of Packaging Materials For Safer Moving By Packers In Bangalore

An important part of the overall moving process is the packing process. The best approach to ensure that moving products are completely protected is to get the best packing supplies, as this is the people’s top priority and concern. To provide dependable and effective packing services to their clients, packers in Bangalore, Yeshwanthpur, Hebbal, HSR Layout, and other cities employ the best packaging supplies.

After careful research, the appropriate packaging materials for consumer or business goods must be chosen. Therefore, we, the packers in Bangalore, have included a thorough list of the packaging materials you should use when moving.

How to pick the best packaging materials?

Here is a step-by-step guide by packers in Bangalore to help you choose the best packing supplies for your move.

Step 1: Make an inventory of your moving supplies.

Making a list of the things you intend to move will help you determine the type and quantity of packing supplies you’ll need. Observe any fragile objects that require special wrapping as well.

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Step 2: Make a list of Packing materials

It’s time to estimate how much packaging material you’ll need after making a list of everything you need to relocate. To determine the quantity, dimensions, and cost of the packing boxes you’ll need, utilise the online packing calculator.

Step 3: Invest in high-quality packing boxes.

When you are concerned about your possessions while they are transported, you must purchase high-quality packing boxes from reputable vendors to guarantee their protection at all costs. They should be able to support a particular weight without tearing while handling. Gather cardboard boxes in multiple sizes to ensure they can easily transport various household items.

List of packing supplies

1. Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is one of the most widely used packaging materials for extra safety when packing delicate and fragile objects. The little air cushions provide additional cushioning and shock absorption for the fragile products packed inside, such as glass, during transit. Bubble wrap sheets are used by packers in Bangalore, as they work well to pack household products, from commonplace items to fragile ones. This packaging material is cheap and has air bubbles with variable diameters.

How to apply: Keep the plain side facing outside, and the air bubbles towards your household objects. Glass figurines and other breakable things can be protected from dents and scratches with little bubble wrap. Mirrors and other large, delicate items pack well with medium bubble wrap. To add more padding within the shipping boxes, use large bubble wraps.

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2. Boxes or cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes, often known as moving boxes, are one of the most important packing supplies that are unavoidably needed in any moving process to pack moving products for easier and safer transit. Depending on the moving items, you can purchase them in various sizes to ensure safe delivery of your cargo. When using cardboard boxes for your move, keep the following two factors in mind:

  1. For things that are lighter in weight, use larger boxes.
  2. Keep smaller boxes on hand for larger items like books.

If budgets are tight, you might also collect similar boxes from your neighbourhood food stores or recycle older ones. Purchase new packing boxes if you want to guarantee that they are undamaged after completing your move.

How to use: Keeping things orderly and hastening the unpacking process by using separate boxes for each area. Put newspaper, towels, bubble wrap, or other strong materials at the bottom of the boxes before sealing them with high-quality packing tape and clearly labelling them.

3. Scotch tape

Use high-quality packaging tape to prevent spills or damage to items during handling or shipment. Things will stay in tact and in the right place if you use high-quality, heavy-duty packing tape. Cheap, poor-quality packing tape is much thinner, prone to tearing or breaking under light pressure, and lacking in strong adhesion. Purchase these packing materials in quantity from a reputable retailer to ensure their quality.

To provide additional protection, packing tape is used to seal the box edges and to secure bubble wrap and other packing materials.

How to use: Tape the seams and edges of boxes containing heavy products to prevent the movement of the contents. To make taping easier and faster, use a tape dispenser.

4. Labels on packages

Labeling is a crucial component of packing because it makes unpacking at your new house easier. By labelling the boxes, you can easily locate the desired box in your new home and this helps keep your moving boxes tidy. You must name the boxes with permanent markers in various colours on paper strips for the various rooms to make identification simple. Boxes containing fragile objects need to be marked “FRAGILE” on the outside.

How to Use: To identify which room the goods in the boxes belong to, simply adhere the labelling strips to the packing boxes.

5. Covers for furniture

To keep such pricey and hefty household items safe throughout the move, moving furniture demands a significant deal of planning and organisation. The ideal packaging materials for furniture goods, including beds, sofas, dressers, mattresses, and other wooden objects, are furniture covers. Use thick, high-grade furniture coverings that are of the finest quality to protect your furniture from water, dust, and grime in your home.

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Simply wrap the furniture coverings around your furniture pieces after sliding them on. Additionally, you can cover your furniture covers with a moving blanket.

6. Ropes and straps

After being adequately packaged, heavier household or business products are wrapped in these packing materials for added protection. Such things are secured in the vehicle using straps and ropes to prevent movement and minimise the risk of damage.

How to apply: Tie them to the moving vehicle after securing these materials around the cargo. Be careful not to wrap these straps or ropes too tightly, as this could damage the products. To prevent shock or movement from causing the strap’s lever to become free, fasten it to a sturdy location within the moving truck.

The Final Word

There are additional packing materials available besides those mentioned above used by packers in Bangalore, such as:

  • Ziploc bags
  • Dish packs
  • Mattress bags
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Packing peanuts
  • Scissors
  • Box cutters
  • Tape gun
  • Toolboxes, etc.

Professional and skilled movers like packers in Bangalore adhere to all packing guidelines set forth by the industry to ensure the security of their clients’ possessions. Every item in your moving inventory will be delivered to the destination safely thanks to the aforementioned packaging supplies.


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