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Comprehensive Guide to Moving to a New Home

Moving to a new home is a major life change that deserves celebration. However, if you’ve been concerned about what has to be done before moving into a new home, we, the best Packers And Movers Kasavanahalli have got you covered! Here are some things you need to do to have your house ready to live in before you turn the key in the lock.

Tips for a Stress-Free Move:

Do you start by packing or preparing your new house? Clients that are unclear of what needs to be done before moving into a new home are something we encounter frequently. To ensure that you can quickly settle into a new home, we have created a to-do list. Let’s read a bit!

1. Make your new home clean

To cut to the chase, a thorough cleaning of the property you are about to move might provide you a new start and help you identify and address problems in the home that could go missed during finalising. When moving into a home that has already been occupied, this becomes much more crucial. The ceilings and windows can be your first two points of focus. Thoroughly clean and disinfect the bathroom’s surfaces. Make the kitchen your focus, and make sure that every corner is spotless. After sweeping or vacuuming the dirt away, apply a sanitary floor cleaner to mop the entire house, leaving the floors spotless.

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2. Prioritise repairs & maintenance

Make a list of the things you want to be checked, and if anything needs fixing, ask the seller or landlord to cover the costs before closing. This will prevent you from having to pay for repairs and maintenance. This is all you can check:

  • Verify the house’s electrical wiring and that all the outlets are in good working order.
  • Examine any dripping faucets and pipes.
  • If necessary, replace the faucets.
  • Check for appliances as well.

3. Ensure the meters are not mal-functioned

The easiest approach to move into a new home regret-free is to examine the readings of the electricity and water metres to see if there are any incorrect electrical connections or plumbing problems. When you get to your new place, make a note of the metre readings and carry on with other household tasks without using any water or electricity. The measurements should be the same three to four hours later. If not, a problem must be found and fixed, such as faulty electrical outlets, leaks, or metres.

4. Prepare your utilities 

It’s tough to imagine a day without access to Internet network, coffee, or the daily news. Call every utility company and let them know exactly when you want the services to start, and do it well in advance. Several of the utilities are:

Gas connection, Internet service provider, milk and newspaper merchants, electricity board, water supply, and cable TV

5. Replace the locks

Change the locks on your new property to ensure further security against potential thefts. Additionally, inspect your window latches and have them fixed if necessary. A spare key should be kept in a secure location that is out of the way.

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6. Get rid of creepy-crawlies

Pests and bugs are like unexpected visitors! You need to thoroughly search your new home for insects before you move in and get rid of them all. You can do this by carrying many insect repellents or hiring a pest control crew to complete the task correctly and completely.

Pro-Tip: Numerous complaints about termite infestations in woodwork come from our consumers. Prior to moving in, make sure to inspect for mites!

7. Plan the design of each room

Plan and choose the location and arrangement of the furniture and other furnishings. Because you already know where everything needs to go, doing this will save you a lot of time once you’ve moved in. Also, if you share your floor plan with Packers And Movers Kasavanahalli well in advance, they will have no trouble setting up your new house. Make sure you accurately measure the space and furniture before planning where to put anything.

8. Updating your address

At least two weeks prior to your relocation, let everybody who needs to know about the change of address know the necessary details. Remember to inform your bank or credit card company, insurance provider, doctors’ offices, and other relevant at least two weeks before your relocation.

9. Consult experts for assistance

Last but not least, looking for expert packing and moving businesses like Packers And Movers Kasavanahalli is always advisable rather than doing it on your own to minimise issues like delays and damages. Consider packing all the household items stored in your cabinets, carrying them, and transferring. It seems tiresome! Moving to a new city or even within the same one can be stressful. Pay attention to the reviews, do your research, and pick a reputable, insured, and registered mover.

Make a Memorable First Move with Packers And Movers Kasavanahalli

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