Checklist Of Packing Jewelry For A Move By Packers Movers Bangalore

Living in any metropolitan city like Bangalore can be expensive. And you might be relocating to a new place and searching for the best packers movers Bangalore for the process. But there are a few delicate things that need to be taken care of apart from your furniture during the moving process. Since there are so many things to handle and take care of, like selecting a dependable relocation expert, scheduling when and how to finish all the pre-move activities, and so on, packing jewellery is one of the most neglected and ignored aspects of relocating.

However, just because you are delayed by other activities doesn’t mean you should disregard the significance of packing your jewellery pieces carefully. Given the sentimental value you place on the jewellery, you should take a few minutes to pack (or learn how to box) every piece of ornament and move it safely.

We, the best packers movers Bangalore have provided a comprehensive tutorial on how to pack and transfer various pieces of jewellery, along with suggestions for the finest packing materials to use, in case you’re unsure of how to do it.

Naturally, if you already have a jewellery box that holds all of your priceless accessories, the process of packing the jewellery is much facilitated as shown below.

How to pack your jewellery box

Each piece of jewellery has its own compartment in the jewellery box, which was made with safety in mind. The box is lined with a thick, comfortable textile material on the inside, and is coated with a robust metal or wood exterior. The procedure for packaging is quite simple:

  • For added protection, wrap each ornament in soft packing paper or plastic wrap.
  • All the jewellery should be put into the box, properly arranged in each compartment.
  • Once all of the jewellery is securely set, fill any open spots with cotton or bubble wrap to keep the accessories from shifting while being transported.
  • Once the box is securely closed, add more layers of packing paper or plastic wrap to ensure that it is totally protected from damage.

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What should you do before packing jewellery?

Jewelry should be sorted and grouped

Spread out all the jewels on a sizable sheet of paper or cloth that has been placed on the bed, table, or better yet, the floor. Sort the decorations into distinct groups according to type, with necklaces in one group, earrings in another, bracelets together, and rings in still another. Don’t forget to separate the expensive jewels from the costume jewellery.

Create a jewellery inventory

It is always advised by reputable agencies like packers movers Bangalore to have a complete record of the jewellery and make a list of every piece and take pictures of it. Whether you are transporting costume jewellery or priceless jewellery, it is crucial to keep track of every item to prevent loss or damage. Making an inventory is helpful because you can compare the list to your present jewellery collection when you unpack the boxes in the new house.

How to package various jewellery items

The incorrect method for moving any of the jewellery items is to throw all of your ornaments into a single box simply. The gemstones on rings may come off or be scratched; the back portions of the earrings may get lost or hooked on to other jewellery; the necklaces will tangle with one another and may break as a result of the tangle; and so forth.

Learn how to pack various pieces of jewellery properly to prevent breaking your pricey and valuable jewellery:

Bracelets & Necklaces

Chains and bracelets can readily tangle and can break or sustain damage when being moved, which is one of the main issues encountered. Because of this, it’s crucial to pack delicate necklaces and bracelets, so they don’t get tangled.

Here’s how you can pack the necklaces properly:

1. Drinking straws: Slide the chain or bracelet through the open clasp, then secure the hooks. If the chain is short, you can trim it to the appropriate length and slide it in. Straws are a guaranteed way to pack and move delicate bangles or thin necklaces because they don’t become tangled.

2. Tissue Paper Rolls: The procedure is the same as it was for the straws: open the clasp, insert the jewellery into the roll, and then snap the clasp tight. Tissue paper rolls can be used to package larger or thicker necklaces with pendants and large bracelets that won’t fit into straws.

3. Plastic wrap: With the chains in position, you should wrap each straw or roll in soft paper, such as a clear plastic wrap, to cushion the jewellery and safeguard the chains in the event of a fall. Avoid using newspaper because it could cause ink stains on the jewels or perhaps ruin them due to the lack of padding.

4. Bubble wrap: If your necklaces and bracelets are pricey and delicate, use bubble wrap to add one more layer of protection and cushioning to the packed jewellery rolls.

5. Rubber bands: Use strong rubber bands to secure the bubble-wrapped jewellery pieces so that the packaging won’t open during shipment and expose the jewels to injury.

6. Ziploc bags: Finally, seal the Ziploc bags with the jewellery items inside to protect them from dampness.

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Since earrings are the smallest and most delicate jewellery, moving them is really difficult. Moving stud earrings with stones, longer earrings, and earrings with easily lost back components requires extra caution.

Pack your earrings in the following manner to prevent them from becoming entangled or stuck together:

Sunglasses cases

The protective case that sunglasses are packaged in is perfect for transporting small, delicate objects like earrings.

1. Wrapping each pair of earrings in plastic wrap or packing paper will ensure that all the pairs are prepared for packing.

2. Put the packed sets of earrings in the sunglass case; if one case is not enough, use another one or locate a box that is similar.

3. Bubble wrap and plastic wrap: To protect the entire case, first wrap it in bubble wrap, followed by a layer of plastic wrap.

Quick note: Only pack your earrings in the sunglass case if you have a spare; otherwise, you run the risk of damaging the sunglasses. There are numerous ways to box the tiny ornaments, but few that will protect the sunglasses from harm.

Keep jewellery while you’re moving

Even if a moving company like packers movers Bangalore did agree to transfer your jewels, you might find it to be risky idea to do so. Some pieces of jewellery, such as family heirlooms, may be worth far more than their market value since they are literally irreplaceable and hold significant sentimental value. It is, therefore, best to pack all of your jewellery by hand before handing it over to the trusted packers movers Bangalore. If you want to know more about the details and need a free quotation for your relocation purpose, feel free to contact with us today!


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