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Shifting your entire residence or workplace isn’t easy as it demands your time, efforts and money. Professional relocators from a verified PAM company like Packers And Movers In Srinagar not only shift your goods but also provide expert guidance in planning your relocation and ways to deal with different kinds of items you’re planning to shift. Perfect time management to damage-free shifting, let’s discuss everything in detail.

Professional Relocators v/s Workers in Locality

Before discussing Packers And Movers In Srinagar, you need to know the difference between hiring services from professionally trained teams of relocators and the workers you find in your locality. You might think that the latter ones are cheap to hire the shifting services from but still, there is one thing that sets both of them apart: Skill. How? Let’s Compare.


In terms of providing guidance to its customers, you can differentiate between both by knowing their intentions. While the workers in your local area can only load you stuff and charge you on the basis of hours spent on relocation, a team of experts not only guides you in picking the packages and services but also gives you advice on how you should relocate, when to shift entire stuff and what is the whole process.

Time Management

A Non-professional team of workers would rush into everything, they want to pick and throw your stuff without any planning or concern about what you’re concern is, but a team of professionals in this field will make a schedule and pre-determine their goals and duties about what is the best time and weather to start the relocation process.


Talking about Transparency, professionals won’t hide anything from you, instead, you will always be the priority. Customers are always present during decision making and last-moment changes. The ideas and interests of clients are always welcomed in this PAM company.

Moving forward to a group of workers whose main purpose is to make money, they won’t give you behind-the-scenes details of the process and you will only see the results with no guarantee.

Packers And Movers In Srinagar


When someone provides a service, they should be accountable about the whole process and results which can be found in a PAM company whose employees are always responsible for any damage or broken expectations regarding the relocation process.

If you take services from any untrained group of workers, don’t expect accountability from them as their main goal is to make their ends meet.

Packing Material

Bulky goods or delicate ones, both need to be packed in a certain way and particular type of packing material. If you pack your goods with low quality material provided by a cheap and non-verified company, there’s no guarantee of safety. Meanwhile, a professional PAM company which has experts who know how to deal with each kind of goods, they would guide and provide you with different packing material according to the weight and structure to ensure damage-free moving of your goods.

Loading Goods

Now comes the main part, loading the goods. Before moving your entire household, office or factory, there is a need to load each item carefully. If you hire a small company without any guaranteed relocation services, then dont expect safety and security of your valuable goods.

But a professional team of relocators will meet your expectations with their skillful hands and ability to load and unload your stuff. The workers in a PAM company go through intense physical training of loading heavyweight stuff effortlessly. It means not only they are able to load bulky stuff but also able to disassemble your furnishings and appliances and even reassemble them after reaching the destination.

Security Concerns

Now comes the concern of security which is a sensible topic to question about. You can’t trust your entire household, office or factory to a team of workers and their vehicle. What if they run away? What if they steal everything? Well, it can happen if you hire a non-professional team of workers whose background has never been checked by the company but with a trustworthy PAM company, you don’t need to worry as you have full rights to ask about background and live-track the relocation process through your operating devices and being in contact with the company.

Avoid damaging your valuable goods

During the relocation process, one of the most important things that should never be ignored is the safety of your goods. No matter the weight, you should always be careful about packing and loading your delicate to bulky goods.

Here’s a simple guide on how to avoid damage of your valuable goods:

  • When you move out your stuff from your old house or office, try not to damage the walls otherwise it would cost you more. Try to take help from professional workers to move out your bulky stuff.
  • Bubble wraps are best to pack your items. Make sure you put multiple layers around it before putting inside the cartons.
  • Study the functionality and internal system of your electrical appliances before disassembling them.
  • Never pack your refrigerator with the food inside it. It’s better to eat everything or pack the food in a separate container. Plan this thing a week before starting your moving process.
  • Put all bolts, nuts and nails in a box after assembling your furniture or appliances.
  • Make sure you leave the harmful chemicals behind. Do not carry them with kitchen stoves, gas cylinders and electrical items as the bleach or any other cleaning agent contains flammable chemicals which are likely to react with the high temperature and even cause a big accident.
  • Put blankets, cushions, quilts and pillows between your bulky items to tighten their grips and avoid clashing between them.
  • Live-track the vehicle which is carrying your whole household, office or warehouse.
  • Avoid moving at high temperatures.
  • Click pictures of every wiring set up in your first house or office before packing to arrange everything in your new destination.

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Packers And Movers In Srinagar For Damage-free relocation

Hire Damage-free relocation services from Packers And Movers In Srinagar which have a highly skilled team of experts and workers who are always ready to provide quality shifting packing and moving services and guidance. All happy client reviews and testimonials are the proof of their guaranteed services.

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Now you can easily book your appointment with this PAM company with full knowledge and idea about how this service works. Since you already know the importance of damage-free relocation and difference between Professional Relocators v/s Workers in Locality. It’s high time that you think sensibly before relocating your residential or cooperative goods.

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