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How to get accurate packing moving rates?

If you are moving out of your home and seeking the help of house-shifting companies to help you through the process, be assured to be charged a bomb! Most of these companies target unsuspecting customers and charge them lumpsum without providing them with quality services. Hence, as aware customers looking towards a relocation company, you must check out the current moving rates and find out if there are any associated costs for the same.

In this article, you will get an insight into – factors on which moving rates depend, identifying your specific requirements and connecting with the packers and movers in Bangalore for the same (outlining costs based on that), as well as conducting a generalized survey and learning the ways to quote a price. Here’s to learning the specifics –

Factors determining moving rates

As you already know that there is a market-determined relocation rate available. However, before figuring out the individual rates and the premium packages that are offered, there are certain determining factors that you need to know.

  • The moving rate depends on the distance traveled (a basic distance and added value on that), flat to flat or villa to villa or flat to villa, and whether inter/intra city.
  • It also depends on the goods carried. Herein, it is segmented into two parts – delicate items and bulky goods. The more the number of both, the higher will be the moving rate. There is a standard rate for household goods relocation.

Be prepared to shell out something between 5000-25000 INR for inter-city residential relocation.

moving rates

Prepare for relocation with packers movers

Since you are busy looking for moving rates that are applied to relocation in the current scenario, for starters – you need to pick the correct packers and movers service provider who will tick your requirements and then go in for the rest of the associated activities. When you opt for packers and movers Yeshwanthpur, assuredly, the rates will be as per the industry standards with a guarantee of premium quality services.

1. Make an inventory of the items for shifting

The first thing – before you consult anyone or figure out anything is – to specify what you have to shift. The timeline of the shifting, and then the items that need to be boxed, and some that you need to carry over on the day, need to be listed out and detailed. After that, you can connect with the packers-movers services for further talks.

2. Sift the items – the bulky ones and fragile ones

You might be unaware, but the moving rates, apart from other factors, also depend on – the number of bulky and fragile items that you have. Hence, in your inventory list, mention the same. The professional relocation service providers will automatically get them separately packed and carry them appropriately. Also, these factors will be considered when figuring out the rate charts.

3. Note down the dates and time for movement

Lastly, when choosing packers and movers services based on the market-charted moving rates, you must be very cautious about the date and time of the movement. Most of these companies follow the dynamic pricing system, and to avoid any extra charges, you must ensure clarity from your end.

  • If you are shifting from a flat to another one – 1/2/3 BHK – the supposed rates come in brackets of 5000-12000 INR/ 15,000 – 22,000 INR (depending on the services offered).
  • In case the shifting is from villa to villa – the amount ranges from 20,000 – 35,000 INR.
  • A specified refundable security amount is charged.
  • The standard charges apply if you consult 30 days before the move. A specific’ extra’ charge is levied in case it is 15 days, 10 days, or even 5 days.

4. Partake in market survey

In your process of searching out the correct moving rates and opting for qualified packers and movers – a market survey has an essential role to play. It is only when you, along with the concerned service providers, seek this survey that you get to identify the challenges of the relocation process.

  • While you are carrying out the survey, you must have complete clarity about what you want and figure out if the available options fit your budget and how.
  • Ask the correct set of questions and discuss the points you want clarified.

Once you have walked through the market survey, the next thing that you need to clarify is the quoting rates. For that, you need to figure out your budget and associated requirements.

moving rates

How to get the quote?

Another crucial thing that you need to know before you go ahead with any of the packing and moving companies of repute in Bangalore is – getting a quote. To figure out the right moving rates, you must compare the market available rates and find the one that suits you the most. Here are certain specifics –

1. Clearly mention your shifting requirements

When you are looking for a rate for relocation, the first thing you need to note down in that form is your ‘specific’ requirements for that shifting process. Not every relocation comes within a set price range, and therefore, you need to be specific about your demands and then ask for the price range.

2. Do mention your budget

Another key factor that you must mention is – your budget for the relocation. You may have already sorted out the companies based on your budget, but you must let the concerned parties know the same and try to stick within the given amount.

Based on these two factors, you will get quotes from the relocation companies in Bangalore that you will connect with. A professional packers and movers service provider ensures that, as a customer, you are well-informed before making any decision.


Moving homes is in itself a huge emotional challenge, barring the financial and physical aspects associated with it. Having said that, if there is one area wherein people may manage their issues is – their financial aspects by having a detailed idea of the moving rates and chalking out a plan around the same. This is necessary to ensure that the costs are manageable. Additionally, it is suggested to find out qualified packers and movers service providers and seek their services since, without a doubt – the relocation process is a hectic one and best left to professionals.

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