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How to Move Large Appliances With Relocation Services in Bangalore

Are you a resident of Bangalore? Planning a shift is generally both a challenging and drawn-out task. Numerous homeowners are really terrified of packing their immense electrical home appliances and remain stressed over their safety. However, if you know the proper process and ways of packing these appliances, packing won’t remain an issue any longer. You can think of hiring an expert packing and moving organization with many years of experience in this particular industry. Hiring packers and movers, particularly for relocation services in Bangalore, can deal with them effectively as they are knowledgeable about handling them. In any case, your primary task is to regulate them while working with these things. Subsequently, you need appropriate knowledge about preparing and moving this large machine from your home.

The experts of these best moving organizations will contact you with the tools and packing materials to load all your own belongings along with proper safety measures. You should hire a reputed moving organization with a clear past record of serving the customers.

Firstly, you need to know precisely the exact appliances we are discussing about. These appliances are essentially your refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, stove, etc. All of the electronic appliances are very costly. While moving, you really need essential information about preparing these appliances for transportation. If you are trying to prepare and pack them well, you must do loadings and unload effectively and clearly with proper security. If you neglect to set them up appropriately, you will harm these things; furthermore, these electronic things can cause serious damage.

So, go through this content and get to know the ins and outs of these home devices’ preparing and packing techniques by relocation services in Bangalore for a superior and stress-free move.

relocation services in bangalore

Process Of Preparing The Large Appliance While Moving

1. Reading Through The Legal Papers

Prior to packing or disconnecting any of the appliances, you should read the agreement with your home proprietor. If the house selling agreement includes the appliances, you can’t move them with you. Instead, you need to abandon them. Or else, you can get caught in lawful issues. Again, you should check and review the agreement with your new house proprietor. Carrying the previous ones can be a great loss if the agreement includes the appliances. In such cases, you need to cut back your appliances; you probably may not want duplicate appliances and pay the high transportation cost.

2. Get A Clear Idea About The New House Measurement

You must have a specific estimation of your new house and give it to the team of relocation services in Bangalore; for example, you need to have the ideal idea about your new room and whether your old TV will fit into the new one. Again get an estimation of your new living room and measure whether it has adequate room for your old couch set. This pre-estimation strategy will diminish your badgering of loading such weighty appliances with high transportation costs. Generally, measure your appliances and the space of your new house.

relocation services in bangalore

3. Read The User Manual

It is always advised to read the user manual and find out the terms that expound on the appropriate moving technique for that specific machine. All the user manual accompanies proper moving instructions that can really assist you with packing and moving these appliances without damaging them. If you don’t find the manual, simply contact the brand or their customer services and request them to provide you with the required information

4. Disconnect And Unplug The Appliances

The large appliances of your home are not connected to regular sockets. So, disconnecting them is a major issue. You need to consider the additional time to do this disconnection as a few of the appliances, such as the refrigerator and the freezers, should be defrosted and turned off several days before moving. These appliances are large but also, with their work efficiency, they come with specific maintenance rules. These rules are required to have been kept if you need a perfect relocation.

Each machine has its own particular manner of disconnecting or unplugging. You need to apply different strategies to plan different things. Thus here you go with a complete guide to disconnecting your large appliances individually.


  • Clean the dishwasher’s channel with a cleanser and turn off the water supply.
  • The following step is to clean the food particles to make a solution of baking soda and water. Use this solution and rinse the mould.
  • Keep the parts dry and guarantee there remains no indication of ford particles as it can prompt bugs.
  • When the parts are dried, use bubble wrap or covers to wrap them.


  • Remove all food sources from the refrigerator and put it off to defrost.
  • Switch off the valve to the water dispenser. Then separate the tube.
  • Turn off the ice chest; prior to unplugging, remember to discharge the holding tank.
  • Remove the dust from the back of the ice chest.
  • Wash the parts of the ice chest and dry every one of the parts well.
  • You can use a cover, towel, or your old tee shirt to pack the dismantled parts. relocation services in bangalore

Washing Machine

  • Switch off and unplug the electric string.
  • Remove the drain, colt, and hot hoses.
  • Secure the washing drum from moving.


  • Just like all other appliances, just switch off the void.
  • Remove drip pans and burners.
  • Use oven cleaner and clean it up.
  • Keep for some time to get dry.

5. Protect All The Accessories

Loading, reloading, and transportation by relocation services in Bangalore are the most challenging things to happen to these parts. To protect them from this course of moving, the best possible process is to pack them sincerely and transport them with just the trusted and best packers and movers.


All the above-mentioned electrical appliance processes must be loaded with intense care. You should call professional packers and movers for relocation services in Bangalore if you reside in Bangalore and can’t pack everything without help from anyone else. You can contact the closest moving specialists to know about the packing charges and rates. To keep away from any problems later, it is essential to enquire about everything, including packing, loading, transportation, unloading and unpacking.

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