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How to pack and move your precious books?

If you are a book lover looking to relocate, then you would know the challenge of carrying those heavy pieces of knowledge from one locale to another. Though they might look like the easiest of the series of tasks that you have listed out, trust the experts – once that box is stacked up with 20/30/40 bounds of paper, moving books to new home becomes the most daunting of all tasks! After all, the last thing that you would want is to – un-tape the cardboard box to find your brand-new signed copy splayed open with the pages wrinkled beyond repair.

So, what’s the way out? This article will try to give you some solutions regarding this. Let’s check out the same –

Remember this before moving books to a new home

If you intend to pack and move your books solo, there are a couple of factors you must take into account –

  • You must choose the correct set of boxes, from big and sturdy ones to medium ones – depending on the type of book you will carry. Don’t forget to label it.
  • You will have to segregate the books – hardcovers, paperbacks and graphic novels must be packed separately. Also, do remove book jackets to prevent them from crumpling.
  • There are various ways to pack books – from flat to standing to ones with spine down. Be cautious about the same and pack strategically.

These are just the basics that you need to take care of when you decide to do the job by yourself. Tiring? That’s precisely why most people prefer to seek expert assistance. Let’s see how that makes a difference –

Why professional services are of help?

Simply because – they know the art of streamlining this hefty process and have professionals working at it –

1. They segregate the books

This is the first thing to do! The professionals segregate the books – old from new, paperbacks from hardcovers and, at times, a genre from genre. After that, they wrap the books (that require extra care) with bubble wrap and, at times, cover them with fabric book covers. After that, they are ready to be boxed in a set pattern.

moving books to new home

2. They follow a process while packing books

When moving books to new home, they follow a specified process – for small and medium-sized books; they pack them upright. While for paperbacks, scrapbooks and coffee table books, they prefer to put it flat. Additionally, for leather-bound books, they cover them with acid-free tissue and never pack the books spine-up to prevent damage. On top of that, they lay down a protective cover to prevent damage due to temperature changes.

3. Experts have a plethora of boxes and packing material

Another key factor that professionals at work take care of is – the type of boxes (cardboard or any other material) that they are using. Mostly, they prefer to use small to medium packing boxes that are lined with packing paper and sealed well to prevent any untoward exposure to moisture.

If they are done with the boxes, then to ensure better transportation, they also use reusable grocery bags, plastic covers and even grocery bags – albeit all with caution.

4. They know how to store it in the correct environment

Lastly, the crucial factor that experts remember while moving books to new home is – the ideal way to store them in transit. While packing books, they prepare the boxes in a way so that the chances of pest infestation or inclusion of moisture are negated. There is ample air space, with controlled storage temperature – enabling to maintain the quality of the books even in unfavorable temperatures.

Check these points before you choose

Assuming you have been reading this article well, one may take it that – you understand how professional services make this whole process far less taxing than what your effort singularly would take. Having said that, there are certain crucial factors that you must note before you opt for house-shifting services in Bangalore.

Let’s check that out –

1. What kind of material do they use when packing books?

Not everything is to be packed in cardboard boxes! Some need rolling suitcases and plastic containers, depending on the type of book. Hence, as an aware client, you must take these features into consideration. Added to that, how they are positioning the book – flat or in an upright position are also important things to note.

2. Do they have any insurance?

What happens if your book/books get damaged during the packing or transportation process? Most house relocation services have insurance coverage based on a variety of parameters. You need to confirm the same when moving books to new home with your service provider before finalizing the deal.

3. Do they follow a procedure during the packing of prints?

You may already know that when it comes to prints, the unframed ones must be packed flat – either with mylar or craft paper. Also, you need to tape down the corners and place almost 5-7 cardboard pieces (creating a cardboard sandwich), ensuring that the gaps are cushioned with crumpled paper. Hire a service provider (if you have to transport prints or portfolios) who follows this process or anything akin to the same.

Only when you get satisfactory answers to the above-mentioned queries must you opt for the respective services.

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Can Packers and Movers help?

When talking about moving books to new home, as much as you may think it to be a petty affair, it is a challenging task. Taking up this challenge well, the packers and movers service providers bring in their best professionals who know the art of streamlining, labeling, and boxing up the books – paperbacks and hardcovers in a categorical manner.

Once the herculean task is done, they chart out the transportation process and deal with other sets of things before dispatching the same. Therefore, you may safely rely on their services (given that the testimonials have vouched for their goodwill) as you concentrate on the other facets.

Closing thoughts

The process of moving books to new home can be quite tiring, even with the services of professional packers and movers services. There’s just a pro tip that you must follow – unpack the books as early as possible. Also, if at all you have to store them for a longer period, keep them in an airy place away from damp surfaces. That will prevent your books from getting molds.

Lastly, be careful when seeking the services of experts. Since you wouldn’t want to lose them or receive them with a broken spine and damaged covers!

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