How To Pack Pictures For Moving

How To Pack Pictures, Paintings And Antiques Safely While Moving

How To Pack Pictures And Other Delicate Items Safely While Moving

You just don’t live alone in your house. You are surrounded with different memories from your ancestors and their belongings that still has their fragrance a huge standing clock from your grandfather, antique furniture, special dinnerware from China, which was your grandma’s favorite, huge vases with antiques embedded, portrait of a famous personality, wooden hangings, gramophones, musical instruments like guitar, sitar, veena or harp and so many other things that you cannot dispose or donate and hearty you may like carrying while moving.

Tips For Placing Pictures, Paintings And Antiques Safely While Moving

A strategic and systematic approach must be followed while packing your valuables as they are of different shape, size and value so follow the below-mentioned tips to save your time

Collect all the adequate supplies required for packing much earlier than the actual day of packing. You may definitely need items like cardboard boxes, crumpled paper, plastic wrap, bubble wrap. tape, markers, and labeling tags.

Avoid making use of newspapers as it leaves stains of ink on the canvas or glass of the frame, also do not use parchment as it can spoil your beautiful masterpiece.

Mark the boxes FRAGILE  for items that are delicate and more prone to breakage, if you are assembling any piece, be sure of counting the pieces, click its photograph so that while assembling you may not get confused.

Begin packing with large items like dining room tables, armor, bar accessories before packing click a photograph of the item and wrap it nicely with bubble wrap and packing paper.

Pack small items also, wrap small items like jewelry, silver, and collectibles, in bubble wrap, and place in appropriately sized boxes with packing paper to prevent too much movement.

Pack multiple items, you can place small multiple items in a boxlike small miniature, show butterflies and birds, artificial flowers and small boxes containing tiny items make sure there’s plenty of cushioning in between the items.

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Shifting is just not packing your clothes in the boxes it is packing of the entire household, your house contains items of different categories from small to large, especially fragile and valuable items such as chandelier with glass pieces, fine art, canvas art family photos,  art sculptures, crystal barware, family heirlooms, collectibles, framed and unframed art, porcelain, glassware, and several other antique items.

Valuables and fragile items must be packed with utter care and it is advisable to hire a team of professional experts to do the needful, they will pack your valuables like icing the cake, transportation is done with ease safely and securely. But if you are on your feet you need to buy the required material for perfect packing of your valuables below listed tips for How to pack pictures, paintings and antiques safely while moving.

Do not move your art or mirror work without proper packing as proper packing and padding of items prevent them from scratching or breaking buy boxes according to the size of the items, heavy-duty picture boxes are good to hold artwork, framed prints, and mirrors, if you are, you still having the original boxes it would be very convenient to pack and transport always keep in mind that the box should be of appropriate size.

Buy nice plastic wrap or glassine from the market for the smooth packing of antique and valuable glassine is a paper that is resistant to air, water, and grease. It also protects your items from stains. You can easily buy it from the market.

After packing the paintings in plastic wrap, secure them with tape and wrap them in bubble wrap twice to provide a protective cushioning.

You must be very particular about fine art photo frames and mirrors while moving. They may get a scratch and nick to avoid all the issues, cover all the corners of the item with the help of Styrofoam, corner protectors, cardboard corner protector, and grab them nicely with bubble wrap.

If you feel that a few of the items need extra protection, it won’t hurt to wrap a moving blanket around them as well.

While moving artwork remember to keep it upright – not laying it down in the moving truck. The printing company also suggests organizing multiple pieces face to face this alternating arrangement will ensure that the hanging hardware on the backs of the artwork won’t damage the front of another piece. Of course, if you pack the artwork in a sturdy box, you won’t have to worry about following this arrangement. While placing the paintings, pictures, and antiques in the transportation vehicle follow a strategic approach of placing items so that it cannot be damaged by bumps or other goods. If you have antique statues or other small valuable antiques, buy boxes that are specially designed for moving these items. Once you have the right boxes, you can pack each piece in bubble wrap or packing paper and seal the covering together with tape.  Then, fill up about one-third of the box with packing peanuts and place the item inside the box upright, securing the item with more peanuts. Once the piece is secure, tape the box shut. Of course, be sure to label the box Not only packing, transporting pictures, paintings and antiques safely while moving is also important. It’s only you who know what emotions and feeling you have packed with your valuable person who will be shifting may not be aware of this that’s why hire trusted packers and movers in Bangalore who are concerned about your feelings with your valuable stuff, there are several ways of transporting your goods via truck, airplane, ship or train. Shipping internationally is completely different from the domestic one, so while shifting your pictures, painting, and antiques, make research about the country’s rules, regulations, and prohibitions. Get the paperwork done yourself or hire a company that is good enough in dealing with fine art, transportation so it reaches in pristine condition safely and flexibly to its destination.

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