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How To Prepare Large Items For Moving

For most of us, transferring to a new house or office is an aggravating and daunting experience. There is so much to remember, organize, and arrange. Doing it yourself can prove very taxing, especially on your exquisite properties and large items. If you get distracted even a little bit, your big appliances, furniture, or gadgets can get severely sabotaged. Whether you are moving for the first time or transferring across the town, professional packers and movers Bangalore give you the peace of mind that your shifting will be effortless. Your household items including beds, desks, wardrobes, couches, sofas, bookcases, freezers, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, cookers, and other such things will be guarded and cared for during the move. 

Here Are Some Great Tips To Help You Prepare Huge Items For Moving:

1. Utilize Appropriate Packing Material

Packing materials are intended to render protection to items being carried and make them easier to haul around and arrange in the shipping vessels. Thus, the right type of packing supplies can ensure the safety of your unwieldy items and prevent collisions during the relocation process. 

  • More robust boxes: Purchase double-ply cardboard boxes and heavy-duty shipping boxes that are strong enough to withstand the weight of your bulky items. Consider buying specialty boxes such as picture boxes, bottle boxes, dish boxes, or book boxes for valuable possessions and more delicate belongings. If your budget fits, renting or buying plastic crates would be even better. For fragile, oddly-shaped, and burly artwork, wooden boxes are your best option. 
  • Thicker wrapping: Thicker the wrapping, the lesser the risk of getting your items damaged. Thicker wrapping will provide better protection if a weighty object is dropped on the floor or if things topple over or bump against each other during transportation. Ensure that you have large bubble wrap that can wrap in multiple layers around the colossal objects, moving blankets, foam padding, etc. 
  • Sturdier cushioning: Just like crumpled paper is used for cushioning purses or jewelry boxes, they won’t be of much help to cushion jumbo items. While placing in the carton, their weight will compress the paper and not offer sufficient protection. Instead, it would help if you used foam padding, packing peanuts, wrinkled cardboard, and large-sized bubble wrap. Additionally, employ superior packing tape to strengthen boxes and keep the encasing in place.  

Remember NOT To Do The Following:

  • Avoid using old boxes. And never use containers that aren’t designed for shipping bulky items as they’ll be vulnerable to withhold the pressure and might be already arbitrated from prior uses. 
  • When preparing heavy household articles for shipment, don’t skimp on packing material. You can use old clothes, sheets, suitcases, bags, towels, baskets instead of professional supplies. However, they won’t be of much use. Hiring professional packers and movers Marathahalli will make more sense. 

2. Arrange The Boxes

Not all the household equipment will fit in a box, but those that can, will be better protected. Ensure that you use small moving boxes to pack massive items as larger containers will weigh too much if they are loaded with huge objects, and it will not be easy to lift and carry. Bolster the boxes with heavy-duty packing tape so that they won’t fall apart when elevated and moved around. Place the crates’ bases with corrugated cardboard, packing peanuts, or large-sized bubble wrap for added safety. 

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3. Clear And Empty The Things

If possible, detach removable parts from wardrobes or bookcases and other bulky items and pack them individually for more substantial protection. Also, dismantle household appliances and disassemble furniture pieces so that their weight is balanced. Pay special attention to fragile, hefty items such as antiques, glass souvenirs, paintings, and grant them extra stability to keep them secured and sound during transportation. 

Bonus trick: While placing any more massive object in the carton, if there is any space left at the top of the box, use it to pack some lighter articles. If that is not possible, shrink the box down to the size of your heavy object – slice the upward edges of the box, crease down the sides, overlap them and seal firmly to build a smaller moving container. 

4. Label The Boxes.

Not labeling the boxes will create a lot of chaos while opening the cartons at the new place. You’ll not know what is kept where and it’ll be messy to manage everything properly. Write ‘Handle with care,’ ‘Fragile,’ and ‘This Side Up’ on the cartons that consist of glass elements or fragile articles, so that the packers and movers Marathahalli will know that those boxers are needed to be handled more cautiously.


It is probably the best if you proffer such stiffly shaped and overweight possessions for professional packers and movers Bangalore. Not only do they have significant experience in moving items & demonstrated know-how to handle them, but also they are warranted. Following the above pointers to pack and prepare large items can make your move a smooth one.  

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