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How to prevent your belongings from getting lost while moving?

A report from Newsweek has pieced together a detailed anatomy of the relocation industry scam that has left countless lives high and dry. One phony company, thousands of positive reviews, fantastic discounts – the result being your items getting lost while moving. Trust the experts; this is not the first time, and it will not be the last one as well. You need to listen to the experts and figure out how to relocate without the glitch.

In this article, the experts will give you a peek at the common mishaps that happen on the road while transporting your goods, how they can get lost while you make a move, and in what ways professional services assist you. Let’s check what experts have to say –

How to safeguard goods from getting lost while moving?

There are multiple ways in which you can keep your goods safe when you are relocating, all by yourself. Here are some expert-backed tips –

1. Prioritise streamlining the process

Since you will be doing things by yourself, you must set up a chart, note down the specifics, and plan the shifting calendar (keeping a note aside with the discrepancies that may arise). From the boxing of the goods to labeling and segregating them, be careful of the same.

2. Keep coordinating with vehicle managers/drivers

Prepare the shifting chart and share it with the vehicle managers or drivers and keep coordinating with them. There have been multiple cases of goods getting lost while moving due to a lack of coordination. If possible, travel down with them to prevent any untoward occurrence.

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3. Cross-checking is a must

Given that you are doing things by yourself, cross-checking is a must. Once the transportation process is over, check out if you have received everything.

As good as these tips may be, you must note that the chances of a mess-up are pretty high when taking up a hefty task like this. If it’s your first time (or otherwise), experts always support seeking professional help.

There’s a certain sense of ‘specific format’ that professionals bring to the fore. Let’s see what experts have to say about the same –

How do packers and movers help?

Given that they have been in the business for a significant period, there’s a specific format that they bring –

1. They streamline the work categorically

You, too, have done that, but they follow a different process altogether. They have segregated teams for each task and allot the work to them, keeping things in tandem by coordinating via sharing sheets and updating deadlines.

Also, from the workers assigned to specific teams to vehicles allotted to the respective groups to the dates and venues of delivery to the particular conditions placed forth by the clients – they have it all noted down and briefed! Naturally, the chances of valuables getting lost while moving reduce drastically as everything is connected and cross-checked.

2. Disassembling and assembling the items

Each team has a categorical disassembling and assembling of goods process with the clients. Thus, the goods are disassembled (heavy goods at home or office goods) before the client (as per instructions) and also assembled at the new venue (or any other designated place) under the client’s orders and in their vicinity. This shares the responsibility comparatively and increases the chances of goods being stacked in place.

3. They label the boxes for immediate recollection

The labeling of the boxes is critical. From regular goods to expensive ones to fragile goods, each category is marked and segregated to ensure no discrepancy or untoward instances of objects getting lost while moving. When you do things alone, you tend to ignore this part and not box them well – since you feel you know it all. This is a mistake you make, unlike the professionals.

Also, specific goods have specified boxes so that they are protected from any accidents (as far as possible) and transported safely.

getting lost while moving

4. Their transport system is padlocked

Is your car prepared for thefts or accidents? Professional cars are! This is another distinct point that makes professional services an immediate choice. The packers and movers have GPS – GPS-installed padlocked transport system that ensures complete safety of your goods (whatever the quality). The drivers are in constant touch with the managers and follow the charted-out route.

5. The papers are in order

Lastly, the best thing about hiring professional packers and movers service providers like PAM packers & Movers in Bangalore is that their documents are in order. From the time they take charge, to the handover time, the insuring of the goods, to the financial payment dealings (their GST charges and your payments) – they have it all, well documented. Hence, even if there are some issues – you have all of it at your disposal and can make claims if required.

What to note before picking professionals?

As mentioned before, things getting lost while moving, even when professionals take over the process, is nothing new, and this fraudulent practice would continue. However, you must safeguard your goods from the same, especially when using the professionals’ services. In that case, you must pick the correct service provider set. Here are some points to note before that –

  • Check their market credentials

As mentioned before, only reviews or testimonials do not help. Most of them are paid, and you need to strain one from the other. Therefore, start by filtering the genuine reviews (which Google would mark) and leave out the ‘over-the-top’ positive reviews. They are mostly fake. The next thing to check is – how much presence they have in the market. This reflects their credibility and is a crucial point to note before finalizing the deal.

  • Do they maintain one-on-one contact?

Noting whether they have a corporate office or not and their management system is important when it comes to finalizing them for the job. The relocation service provider must maintain one-on-one contact when it comes to opting for their services. This makes them trustworthy, and you can directly connect with them in case of any discrepancy.

  • Note that everything is documented

It is critical to note that everything is documented – from the list of goods to the insurance policies to the acceptance letter from their end. This increases their sense of responsibility, and the chances of discrepancies are reduced considerably.

Last words

With the rates of fraudulence increasing in the relocation industry with every passing day, the news about goods getting lost while moving is rising exponentially. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious about the same. Also, it is better to hire prominent professional services rather than trying to figure things out by yourself since that can streamline your work better. Choose well, and ensure you have the specifics before the final date.

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