How To Reduce Cost of Moving Effectively in Bangalore?

Are you surprised by the sky-high cost of moving house in Bangalore? Well, if this is your first time, one understands. There might be some problems with the estimates. Perhaps you couldn’t do the budgeting well, or maybe you didn’t survey enough to pick a budget-friendly service provider. However, if this is not your first time and yet you have coughed up a humongous bill, it’s time to recheck your strategy!

This article will give you some insights on the same. It will highlight some glaring mistakes you are making while fixing up the relocation budget and point out remedies to resolve the same. Along with that, it will give you a quick set of reasons that will make you opt for PAM packers & movers services in Bangalore over others. Here’s to checking out the specifics –

Mistakes made in deducing the cost of moving?

In this section, you will get a list of some of the most common mistakes that people make while moving homes that significantly escalate their moving costs.

Mistake 1 – Not having a strategic plan

To think you can pack up your stuff, call a van, and move out is the biggest mistake you will make while relocating. You must have a plan, from a specified budget to fixing the date and time to packing different things in a specified manner to preparing for any emergency while relocating. Also, your plan must have ample flexibility to ensure that it can include a couple of glitches in the long run without much hassle.

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Mistake 2 – Choosing the wrong time for relocation

Do you think a summer weekend could be the perfect time for relocating? Be prepared to cash out a humongous cost of moving in case you pick that time. Summers and weekends are generally the busiest times for relocation services. So, if you are not cautious, you could pay up a lump sum. Rather, opt for weekdays and, if possible, winter or even the rainy season (the professional services will care about your things while relocating).

Mistake 3 – Keeping the belongings unorganized

To keep things unorganized and shoddily packed when you are relocating is a major mistake on your part. What happens is – you leave a number of things behind, and also, due to things not being packed well, your transportation costs could rise increasingly. Thus, on the whole – this is another mistake that you could make and thereby increase your total cost of moving significantly.

Mistake 4 – Not taking into account the variable costs

You have a rough idea of what the relocation would supposedly cost you –

  • Base amount – INR 4,000 – 25,000 (depending on the area of the house you are shifting from and to). Along with that, there will be a transportation cost and the standard packing charges. So, you somewhat make up the budget to be around INR 35,000-40,000.

But then you finally realize that the cost of moving is touching a massive INR 60,000+taxes! That is probably because you did not consider the additional charges such as – specialized packing, the standard GST rates, and the sudden climate change that led to increased transportation costs.

To not take variable costs into consideration is another mistake you can make, and a professional service provider is of great help here!

Mistake 5 – Lack of survey and negotiation with service providers

The last mistake that you can make while moving is – not surveying the available service providers and not negotiating the price with them. Assuming that you have decided to seek help from professionals, it is crucial that you compare and contrast the rates that they are charging and put forth your budget. If there is no flat rate cut, then try to opt for specialized or specified services that would comparatively come at a lower cost.

Also, you must have a host of names on the list before you decide to pick one up. Either go through the local Yellow Pages or scroll through the directory to find out the readily available packers and movers services and their rates. To not list out these details in advance is one of the most often committed mistakes.

Once you steer clear of the above-mentioned mistakes, you will see how relocation costs have significantly reduced.

Cost of Moving

Can a professional service provider assist you?

Whether you are doing this the first or the second time, if not managed well, then the cost of moving can squander away a lot of cash. Also, since you are not used to doing the calculations, you cannot meter up the random costs associated with this. Having said that, seeking the services of a professional is best in this case as it will chart out the costs in a categorical manner.

That’s not all! The whole relocation process will be streamlined, which perhaps would not be possible to be done by you since they are trained in the same. Therefore, if you have landed in hot soup, it’s best to consult experts to help you come out of the same.

Why choose Bangalore Packers and Movers?

When talking of professional service providers, you may have come across the services of – Packers and Movers Ramamurthy Nagar Bangalore. Though there are umpteen number of service providers, but there are certain ‘key factors’ that make this the most-opted alternative –

1. According to most of their clients, since they have been in the market for nearly a decade now, the estimates they provide include all the fixed costs and a range of variable costs (that could immediately hike the moving cost). Hence, their price chart is fairly reliable, with a minimum of 1-1.5% financial disruption.

2. They have specified teams for each task. So, if you seek their services, they will set up a team that will categorically streamline the whole process, ensuring that your relocation process is carried out efficiently.

3. Lastly, it is not just the efficient relocation process that makes them the ‘favoured’ one. They provide a range of additional requested services, such as picking up left-over items, providing go-down for your goods in case of an emergency, or even delaying the payment substantially to help you fill in the same along with taxes at the annual year-end – making them the ‘choice.’

Assuredly, with them, you would receive exclusive services that are their trademark. Hence, you can go ahead and make the choice.

Last thoughts

You need to strategize analytically to moderate the cost of moving houses in and around Bangalore. If you cannot do the needful yourself, it is better to seek the services of professional Bangalore-based packers and movers who, with the assistance of their team, will chart out a cost-friendly relocation plan for you. Just ensure that the factors you have been looking for match well, and you have a complete guarantee regarding the relocation process.

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