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How to Shift Fragile Items Efficiently During Home Shifting?

The fact that you have a home to shift and that too within a specified time is in itself a nerve-wracking thought! Topping that is the thought of how to shift fragile items – whether it is your ceramic teapot, your bone china vase, or your electric gadgets. For many, the solution would be getting some extra packaging or additional coats for their goods, while others would rely on professional white glove home-shifting services like ours at PAM Packers and Movers Bangalore.

Assuredly, we bring the much-needed professional touch to this process, but if you wish to do things yourself, you must remember a couple of things. This comprehensive guide will guide you through those and also list the benefits that we offer. Here is how it goes –

What to remember before you shift fragile items?

One of the most crucial points to remember and work on during home shifting is packing and shifting delicate items. This section will give you an idea about how to shift them efficiently if you have chosen the DIY format –

1. Get a stock of the correct packing materials

The first thing to remember when you plan to shift fragile items is to get the correct stock of packing materials. You will require – shock-proof, especially designed packaging peanuts, a wide variety of bubble wraps, padded inserts to fill hollow spaces, sturdy boxes of various sizes, packing paper, and hard tape.

When you have these packing materials handy, in most cases, the job becomes comparatively easier and surely faster. Just ensure that all these products are of good quality and have been previously tested for their weightage.

correct packing materials

2. You will require a set of special boxes

The next thing you must remember while packing and shifting delicate items is – specific boxes of different ranges (from size to type). Let us give you an example of how to go ahead –

  • For packing dishware, you will require a special dish pack kind of box. These boxes are enabled with double-thick walls to give the crockery an additional line of protection.


  • If you are looking to move your alcohol bottles, glassware, and other ceramic showpieces – you will require cell boxes. They are particularly designed to hold up these breakable items while you carry on with the moving process.


  • There are a couple of other things that professional moving services like ours at PAM Packers and Movers Bangalore bring to the forefront – getting a set of double corrugated and flat boxes. For electronic goods, it is best to use the original box. If unavailable, use double-corrugated boxes. Regarding the mirrors, we prefer flat boxes since these boxes offer minimal space for sliding and hence keep those protected.

3. Know where to place the items in order

Getting the things mentioned is not the only aspect. You also need to know how and where to place those when planning to shift fragile items. Make it a point to place the heavy goods at the bottom and place the flimsy items on top of that. This creates the ideal balance, preventing any mishap while moving homes.

shift fragile items

4. Do not leave hollow spaces

This is an act you are perhaps aware of, and we always follow to the T – to never leave hollow spaces. From packing paper to towels to packaging peanuts, you must not leave a single corner empty or even allow a minimal place to slide. This will ensure that the goods remain protected, even while you move them over the decrepit Bangalore locales – to and from Malleswaram.

5. Label the boxes and use additional tapes

Lastly, make it a point to label the boxes and use additional tapes for sealing – wherever required. This will help save the goods from breaking, and you will be able to locate the packages easily.

What are professionals like us offering?

When you connect with us at PAM Packers and Movers Bangalore to shift fragile items from your home, we follow a couple of steps. Here they are –

  • We coordinate with you regarding the date and time of the move and if you follow any specific schedule (as in goods transported on a priority basis). Our team arranges the plan in that manner.


  • Our team gets the required packing material (everything mentioned above and additional) to ensure your delicate items are safely transported. The schedule is well charted, and we update you on our moves at every point.


  • We bring along an insurance package in case of any untoward event.

move fragile items

What to check before opting for professionals?

As you have read earlier about what our Packers and Movers Bangalore offers, you have perhaps decided how to shift fragile items. However, we would like to draw your attention to a couple of factors you must check before you opt for professional services –

Factor 1 – The prices that they are offering

The crucial factor to check is their pricing and how compatible it is with the current market. Additionally, if they are offering insurance and in what terms. Knowing and sorting your finances with a moving company and gaining transparency regarding the transaction is the key factor you must keep in mind.

Factor 2 – Whether they have physical offices in and around the locality

This is a crucial factor you must take care of – the company/ professional services you are hiring must have their physical offices nearby. As far as we are concerned, you will find our Packers and Movers Malleshwaram services catering to you. Apart from that, we have offices in Electronic City, Kanaganahalli, Marathahalli, BTM Layout, Hebbal, Indiranagar, Jayanagar, Gottigere, Kasavanahalli, RT Nagar, and Begur Road, to name a few!

Factor 3 – What do people have to say about them?

Another thing you must check about professionals is – what reviews and people who have taken their services have to say about them. The testimonials and online audience views are available for you. Figure out which are the ‘real ones’ – you can understand from the tone (it will not be a polished sentence) and choose the service based on their ratings. Search engine ratings are also a key way to distinguish a good service from a bad one.

We at PAM Packers and Movers Bangalore have an open forum wherein we allow our recent customers and patrons to comment on the services they received from us. It is unfiltered, and our customer support team immediately resolves the queries.

Factor 4 – What is their work methodology? Is any demo available?

The last key factor you must check if you intend to give the responsibility to shift fragile items to a professional service is – their work methodology. This implies you must check out – the packaging materials they use, ask for a demo of their working process, how they schedule the delivery and set-up (if at all), and what is their mode of transportation and coordination with the client. It is in your customer’s rights to ask for a demo.

Connect with us

If and when you have decided to pick us, you can write your queries and connect via an email –

or just give us a ring at +91.807.6805.695. Our executives will detail everything for you.

Parting thoughts

Assuming you have read this article, you now have clarity about the correct way to shift fragile items if you are doing it alone and what key elements and benefits a professional white glove service like ours brings to the forefront. Hence, it is advised you seek authentic services and complete your shifting process well.

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