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How to Spot and Avoid Frauds While Hiring Packers and Movers

For those who have been keeping tabs, an elderly couple in Electronic City, Bangalore, fell for a packers and movers scam recently. They had hired a ‘renowned’ shifting company but ended up losing some of their valuables. Later on, they revealed that they had signed the papers, but did not verify those, and neither did they physically check the company’s address. A big mistake! If you want to stay away from scams while hiring packers and movers, then you must check the papers, verify their physical address compare their price quotes with other firms.

These are preliminary points that you must check. But there’s more! Let us give you an insight into those. Scroll down for details that will save you from being scammed –

What to check before hiring packers and movers?

To avoid the kind of scam that the elderly couple fell for, we have charted out a couple of points for you to note. Here is the list –

1. Verify the legal documents

The first step that you must take to keep fraudulent service providers at bay is – cross-check the legal documents. To make it easy, you have to check – the PAN card of the company, the company’s GST certificate, and its incorporation certificate. Every service provider is bound to show you the specifics of the same.

  • We at PAM, packers & movers Bangalore have made it a part of our policy to show these to our customers. Hence, they have no issues as such from our end.

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2. Note down the price quotes in writing

Another thing you have to do is – take down everything in writing. Whether it is quoting the prices, payments made, the company’s license and insurance details, the range of costs involved, the consignment number, and the delivery agent’s details – everything is done in writing. Hence, the chances of fraud are reduced in this manner, thereby generating a comprehensive invoice.

  • When you are hiring packers and movers services from us, we initially discuss the specifics with you and after that generate a comprehensive invoice to avoid any untoward charges in the future.

3. Ask for insurance coverage

Fraudulent packers-movers companies do not have any insurance coverage policy. Rather, they do extract this fee from clients as ‘hidden charges’ or ‘additional fees.’ On the contrary, a real and efficient service provider will definitely have this coverage since anything may happen in transit. This insurance payment is drafted in their pricing policy and the users are clarified at the beginning of the same.

  • We have a strict insurance policy which is well-mentioned in our price chart. Therefore, when you sign the documents/legal papers – you will see for yourself how each of our costs is mentioned and the exact amount is stated. We do not have any hidden charges.

4. Check the website and its details

Before hiring packers and movers from any company you must check their website and other details. Most of the prominent companies note down their details on their sites, from price quotes to functioning to areas of operation. This transparency is a way to notify people of their integrity.

We have notified our users of every detail, along with our range of services and timings. For any doubt, you simply need to scroll the website and leave your queries.


5. Figure out the ‘actual’ customer feedback

The last thing that you need to check is the ‘actual customer review’ for a specific service provider. Most of the service providers have their websites, wherein the users/patrons/newbies can go and comment on their service delivery(good/bad). However, a fraudulent website will buy these reviews.

As a novice, you can differentiate the fake reviews from the real ones by their language. If the language is ornamental and flowy, there’s a high chance that it is a paid review.

  • Our users normally share their experiences with us, and leave their comments on our website. Also, we allow them to notify us in case of any problem they face and try to resolve those at the earliest.

How do you make the final call?

When you follow the pointers mentioned above, you will find half your work is done. However, these are not the ‘benchmark’ for narrowing down your choice. There remain a couple of other factors as well, such as: paying a visit to their physical address and comparing their pricing with their competitors.

If a company is a fraud, then there’s almost a negligible chance that they will have a physical address/warehouse. To end connections or cheat a customer online is easier than stacking up a physical address. Hence, before you go in for hiring packers and movers, you must visit their registered address, check their functioning on a one-to-one basis, and even verify their fleet.

We have registered offices in Electronic City, Marathahalli, Bommanahalli, Bellandur, Ramamurthy Nagar, JP Nagar, Koramangala, Yelahanka, and other prominent areas for you to verify.

Another point you must remember before finalizing your service provider is comparing the prices. Despite the discounts, there is a certain market rate that every company has to follow. If you find that the company you are planning to choose has considerably low rates (even lower the standard market force), that is an immediate red flag.

Our prices are monitored as per market demands. On top of that, we offer reasonable discounts on various services and the distance to be covered.

Why are we a credible name in Bangalore?

As one of the noted shifting companies PAM, local packers & movers Bangalore, we have been part of this service environment for close to a decade now. We understand the issues people face while hiring packers and movers and wish to ensure that we are always ready to deal with clients. We have our GPS-monitored fleet and offer a tour of our physical addresses (any of the registered office spaces).

Apart from that, our customer executives are available round the clock for any query. You can connect with us via mail at – or call at – +91.807.6805.695. Our executives will get back to you shortly.

From quoting prices to booking the dates and setting the final agreement papers, we have everything written out in detail. Hence, our patrons, as well as newbies who have just connected with us, have developed a sense of faith in us which heightens our commitment to this business, thereby making us a credible name in this ecosystem.

Parting thoughts

One may think that hiring packers and movers and shifting from one place to another (whether residential space or office) is not as difficult as it may sound. However, the reality is far from that. Finding one that suits your demands and scheduling things is a difficult job. Finally, executing that as precisely as possible and coordinating with the service provider is another challenging affair. We at PAM, local packers & movers Bangalore, assist you in reducing the burden of this and streamline the task for you so that you can concentrate on setting up the new place.

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