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How to take legal action against fraud packers and movers agency

Moving can be a stressful job, particularly if you don’t have an expert and professional movers agency to help. Home shifting in Bangalore, Ejipura and Kadugodi provide proficient movers and packers who will take ownership of the move. They can also assist you with moving all your belongings easily.

Do all necessary research on the organization before you hire a packer-mover. There are numerous fraud-moving organizations on the market. These Home shifting in Bangalore organizations will attempt to con you by adding hidden charges, damaging or taking your products, and not offering the promised assistance.

Five reasons to file a complaint against movers and packers agencies

  • Goods that are severely harmed: Movers won’t cause any damage to your products during shifting. While there might be a few scratches, your products cannot be totally damaged. In case of such losses, you should file a legal case.
  • Things taken or lost: There are many chances for things to get taken or lost during the movement. It is the obligation of the movers to guarantee that your things are protected. Ensure you have a detailed inventory before the packers show up. This will allow you to monitor all your goods and recognize any missing things.
  • Overcharging: Before signing an agreement with packers for home shifting in Bangalore, ensure you read the agreements and confirm that there are no secret or hidden expenses. If you have already moved the products and were charged unreasonably, you can, in any case, complain to the company.
  • Merchandise being kept as hostage: Moving organizations might decline to convey your products except if you pay the cash they request, regardless of whether the sum is higher than whatever was consented to in the agreement. It is critical to report any moving fraud right away.
  • Delayed delivery implies that you are paying for the service. You have also settled an agreement with the movers. They should follow the timetable. They might be delayed because of traffic or different reasons. If they are exceptionally late, you can file formal complaints.


home shifting in bangalore

How to file legal action

Resolving Peacefully

  • Try to determine and resolve the issue calmly. You should review the agreement you endorsed with the packers for home shifting in Bangalore. You can document a complaint depending on the issue with the packers or movers. The supervisory team will investigate the matter and give compensation to any harmed or lost products.
  • You can also write a survey online about the organization to raise concerns. A negative survey can adversely affect the relocation organization in the present digital age.


Lawful Action

Even after attempting for a peaceful resolution, which might fail, you can make a lawful move against your packing organization. All desk work, including bills, quotes, insurance, agreements, inventory, and other documentation, should be gathered. You should have proof that upholds your case. For instance, photographs of the goods before and after delivery.

  • You can also claim for your damages or losses under Section 12 of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA). Here you can file the CONSUMER COMPLAINT Form.
  • By contacting the consumer court, you can also claim the compensation.
  • Filling out the Consumer Protection Act form will help to save you time and cash. You don’t have to employ a lawyer to assist you with fighting your case. 
  • You can claim from insurance organizations if you have purchased insurance inclusion for your goods. FIR can be petitioned for insured products, as long as you have insurance.
  • You can record an FIR under Section 421 (Indian Penal Code) if you are not fulfilled by the consumer court’s judgement.
  • It is feasible to file both a consumer complaint as well as an FIR.

home shifting in bangalore

Precautions to be taken

  • You should do proper research before hiring a relocation agency for the service of home shifting in Bangalore.
  • You can get more than one estimation or quotation. Talk to the agencies and try to shortlist a few of the best in the market. Discuss the moving needs with them and get the quotation. This will help you to get affordable packers and movers service providers.
  • Examine thoroughly for hidden expenses: Make sure they include any extra or hidden charges in your statement.
  • Review and confirm ratings: Read client reviews to find out how they had an outlook on the mover and what their experience was like.
  • It is always recommended not to choose any packers who offer the lowest price of relocation movement. Cheap ones can be frauds and may not deliver what is promised. Go for the ones that provide you service at a reasonable cost.
  • Compare before you hire: Compare all factors, for example, organization profile, offered services and charges. Ratings and reviews are also significantly important.
  • Prior to signing any agreement with movers, read the agreements cautiously. Also, try to get the original copy.
  • Try not to pay the whole amount in one go. You can make advance payment and pay the rest after the relocation is done.

The final word

You should always do background verifications on all packers to avoid being scammed by any movers and packers for home shifting in Bangalore. It is possible to recruit some fraud-moving organizations, even after careful personal investigations.

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