Know How Bangalore Packers and Movers Can Help You Pay Property Tax Online!

Business ventures standing at post-Covid 19 set-ups, in a bid to expand to multi-geographic locations, are often relocating their physical spaces. For the uninformed, while filing taxes, certain allowances are given in regard to the additional expenses that are incurred during the relocation of the commercial space. Therefore, when you pay property tax online, you can seek the services of the packers & movers company in Bangalore, who customize the tax-filing service and include their payment within the same. This will considerably reduce your hassle and ensure a streamlined tax filing process.

Surprised to know about this service? You thought that packers and movers had just one job during the shifting process? Here’s breaking the news for you! As you slide down this article, you will get a detailed idea about how the shifting service providers help you with the taxation process and how they charge their money accordingly. Here’s detailing the facts for you –

How to pay property tax online on relocation?

If you are relocating from one commercial space to another, you will have to pay a certain amount of property tax, as you already know. Also, while shifting (in terms of commercial spaces), you are bound to get an allowance that will supposedly be deducted from your income tax.

Additionally, while paying the service providers of the shifting company, a GST amount will be charged to the total payable amount. If you are a newbie, then you can request the Bangalore Packers and Movers services to assist you in paying the same – while you file your taxes.

You can log onto the official website of Bangalore Municipal Body and pay the property taxes online, as per the rules stated. While paying the same, do check out the applicable rebates and additional charges that may apply. Assuredly, the relocation service providers will help you through the same.

Now that you are aware of the process of paying tax online, it is time to make you aware of the percentage of the property tax you will have to shell out.

pay property tax

How much property tax to pay for commercial purposes?

When you use a particular space for commercial purposes (tenanted, vehicle parking, and self-occupied), you will have to pay an amount – 20% of the total area multiplied by per square foot (as set by the Bangalore Municipal Body). This rate is normally set for a 10-month period with depreciation included and a 24% cess added.

Along with this amount, you will have to pay a GST amount ranging between 12-15% to the shifting service provider on their total payable amount.

Therefore, when you relocate your office, with the help of professional packers and movers services, rather than making their payment immediately – you can ask for customized pay property tax online services from them.

Assuming you have been here till now, let’s give you an insight into the role of packers and movers services in this whole process.

How do packers and movers help?

To help to pay property tax online at the time of filing your taxes is a specialized service that only a limited amount of shifting services provide. If you too are looking for the same, let’s give you an idea as to how this system works –

Step 1 – When you relocate your commercial space, you seek the services of a shifting company. They – as per the concerned rates (whichever service you pick from their rate chart, charges you accordingly). Along with the base price, they add GST (12-15%) to it. In most cases, you have to pay the amount once the work is done, but if requested for a customized plan, you can also pay later.

Step 2 – If you are seeking the services of top packers and movers in Bangalore, then they could combine their payment into the amount of property tax that you will have to pay when you finally file your annual taxes.

Step 3 – The basis for this customized service is that – it streamlines your taxation process and saves you from paying a host of ‘additional taxes’ and ‘unrecorded amounts’ when you are relocating from one commercial space to another. The shifting services take over the complete commercial taxation responsibilities, apart from their usual shifting job.

Thus, when you are relocating your office, connect with Bangalore-based packers and movers for this specialized service, and assuredly, your financial issues will be resolved quite easily.

pay property tax online

Are they trustworthy?

Have you understood the roles and responsibilities that the Bangalore relocation service experts can have when you decide to pay property tax online? Now you may have a query regarding their trustworthiness. Let’s try to give you the details –

1. The Bangalore-based packers and movers services have their own tax-advising and legal team who deal with the whole process. They are professionals who know precisely how to deal with the tax-filing process and follow the guidelines set by the Bangalore Municipal body in the process.

2. For the record, there is complete transparency in the tax filing process. Though this is a customized service that you are categorically asking for, however, there is no additional cost amounting to the same. Therefore, assuredly, you have no ‘uncredited amount’ to add to this.

Hence, you can completely rely on them – to not just relocate your office space in the most precise manner but also clarify the monetary issues associated with the same in a categorical format.

What must you check before opting?

Before you decide to settle for the Bangalore-based packers and movers service providers, here are a couple of factors you must check out –

Query 1 – How long have they been providing this service and the success rate of the same?

You need to check how long they have been providing this service and the opt and success rate of the same. In this way, you will be able to decide for yourself whether this service is worth the monetary investment.

Query 2 – Do they have supporting testimonials for this facility?

It is crucial to note if there are client testimonials confirming this facility’s benefits. On that basis, you can decide.

Query 3- What are the additional charges for the same?

To find out if there are any ‘hidden charges’ or not is crucial. This will show the credibility of the company.

Final thoughts

When relocating from one domain to another, especially for a commercial space, the task is extremely challenging. However, most people do not realize that apart from the physical aspects of relocation, there are financial strands associated with the same, and taking care of it is a hectic issue. Under such a state of affairs, you can pay property tax online with the help of Bangalore packers and movers.

Note: Ensure that if you are categorically opting for this service as well, inform the company in advance and arrange accordingly.

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