List Of Things People Forget To Pack For A Move

Let’s imagine this scenario: You’ve moved into your new house and are setting it up. As you unpack things one by one, you realize – you’ve forgotten the washing essentials, a couple of online orders that were stacked, and the outdoor plants that you had! Not the happiest of revelations. What do you do now? You have to go back and get them (if the new owner has not already disposed of them). For the record, these are some things most people forget to pack for a move. However many checklists you make, there are chances that you will miss out on something!

That’s precisely why you need professionals! We at PAM Packers and Movers have a specialized team to deal with such issues and prepare a checklist, keeping all the factors in mind. Let us show you how –

What are the common things you forget to pack for a move?

Packing and moving to a new place is a hectic affair. Having said that, despite all your planning and putting things together, you might miss out on a couple of things. We will give you a list of the same –

  1. Upcoming online orders, laundry, and other services that you have to coordinate with.
  2. The documents related to different products that you bought in the course of your stay.
  3. The packed goods that are stacked in your house in one corner (gift items, cutlery, other less used goods, kids’ toys, unused things)
  4. Outdoor plants and other items of decor
  5. Detergent, cleaning items, and previously bought household goods that are stacked in the storage unit.

These are some of the most common things that you can miss out on while you are looking at bigger things as you shift homes.

To ensure that such instances do not happen and you can shift well, you may seek of professional services like ours at – PAM Packers and Movers, Bangalore.

forget to pack for a move

How do PAM Packers and Movers help?

For starters, let us assure you that we know those things you may forget to pack for a move and categorically concentrate on those, apart from other areas. Let us give you an idea as to how we get the things done –

1. We have a specialized team dealing with the process

You may ask – how can we assure you that we will not leave anything behind and will deliver everything as per schedule? Our answer is that – we have a special team taking care of all your requirements. We first list out your – movable goods, goods that you have discarded, the priority with which you need those goods, and the dates and timings of the move.

Once that is done – we have packing materials for every item – from clothes to books to upholstery and priceless products to kitchen goods. After that, we pack according to your priority. Then, we will list your online orders and laundry and dry cleaning services and schedule their packing accordingly.

As the packing progresses, we tick one item off the checklist. Be assured – with us, you will not forget to pack for a move.

2. Our local offices are there for you to check

Unlike many other packer and mover companies, we have local offices like – Packers And Movers Mahadevapura, Ramamurthy Nagar, BTM Layout, Electronic City, Bommanahalli, JP Nagar, Bellandur, Yelahanka and others for you to check out. You can visit any of the concerned offices and get a demo of our working process. In that way, you will get an idea about what we offer and how your shifting process becomes easier with us.

3. We have specific shifting arrangements

Do you know why most people forget to pack for a move? It is because they don’t have the correct materials to pack the required goods. Simplifying the narrative – you must understand that the boxes that are used for packing your clothes are not the same as where you can pack your home decor or electrical gadgets. Also, when you pack your kids’s things, you must arrange them in a particular way depending on what they need on a priority basis (say your child needs her pink doll to sleep before she asks for anything else).

When you arrange things in a ‘specific set manner’ according to their priority and have strategic ways to arrange your goods, like what our service providers at PAM Packers and Movers offer, you will not leave behind anything. Additionally, after each box is packed, our executives prepare a checklist of that box and stick it to the concerned box. Hence, at one glance, you know the contents of that box and can set it up according to your priority.

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4. Our emergency provisions are in place

The last key factor that makes us, professionals at PAM Packers and Movers, helpful so that you do not forget to pack for a move is having an emergency provision ready. It may so happen that, due to certain untoward incidents, the shifting process has to come to a stop.

In that case, it so happens that the goods are stored at a specific place (PAM Packers and Movers godown) and, from there, delivered to the given address. Even then, the team assigned to the job ensures that nothing is left behind. Therefore, at the end of the day, you can be assured that your goods will be delivered to you without fail at the correct time and on your doorstep.

How to connect with us?

Our website is

where all the details regarding our working process is mentioned. For all those of you who wish to know specifics regarding our packing and moving procedure, and specified costs, and book the dates with us at PAM Packers and Movers , can either mail at or connect directly via phone on +91.807.6805.695.

Our executives will get back to you shortly and ensure all your concerns are taken care of in the best manner.

Conclusive thoughts

When you are shifting homes, it is only natural that there will be certain things that you might forget to pack for a move. Despite you doing your best, such instances are not untoward. Having said that, when you connect with a professional like ours – PAM Packers and Movers, we have a certain procedure that we follow. In this way, we ensure that none of the goods are left behind, and you can kickstart your new home with everything at your disposal. With us, you can be assured of getting the best service!

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