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Renting Vs Ownership: Which Is Better For You?

Buying a good home is one of the biggest dreams for most people. However, buying a property is not a cup of tea. There are various things you need to consider while buying a house.

If you are looking for movers in Bangalore, you can go for rental property as well. When you are living in a rental home, you can get many benefits. Moreover, it’s good if you are looking for your first home.

So, what’s the difference between house ownership and renting? To answer this question, we need to dig further. Both of these are good, but it depends on your requirement. By reading this article, you will be able to decide which one is ideal for you right now.

Renting VS Ownership – Overview

As we mentioned above, you need to know about some basic differences between ownership and renting. So, before you contact some packers movers bangalore, let’s check below.


Renting is the easiest way to find a home and many people follow this process when they are in the initial stage. You don’t need to think about the penalty when the lease ends.

Renting is a quite cheaper option compared to house ownership and lease. Plus, you don’t have to take on a lot of responsibilities for your rental home. However, you have to face some issues as well.

Advantages Of Renting

  • Low Upfront Costs

As we mentioned before, choosing a rental house can be the cheaper option. You just need to pay the rent. In some cases, the owner also asks for paying some unincluded utilities. However, you don’t need to pay extra as your landlord will pay maintenance costs, taxes, and repair costs.

  • Easy to Relocate

The best thing about a rental home is you can relocate whenever you want. You just need to find a better property and get help from the best movers in Bangalore. On the other hand, you can’t relocate easily when you have leased a house.

  • Low Responsibilities

As we noted above, you don’t need to take a lot of responsibilities when you are living in a rental home. From maintenance to taxes, your owner will take care of everything.

  • Low Maintenance 

Just like low responsibilities, you don’t have to get involved in maintenance issues when you are living in a rental property. On the other hand, when you have your own house, you need to spend a lot of money on your home’s maintenance.

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Disadvantages Of Renting

  • You Don’t Have Full Control

Living in a rental house is good but it also has some drawbacks. For example, you don’t have full control over the property. This means you need to listen to the owner of the house. In fact, the owner can also ask you to leave the property if he/she is selling it.

  • No Fixed Housing Cost

A big disadvantage of renting is you will not find a fixed housing cost. This means each owner fixes the price on their own. So, you need to find a good property at an affordable cost. Moreover, you can get help from movers in Bangalore to find the ideal rental house.

  • Low Security

When you are living on someone’s else property, you will not get the full security. You see security depends on a lot of things including the neighbourhood, location, and the property. So, you need to check everything before moving in.


Living in our own house is everyone’s dream. A home not only brings happiness but it can give you privacy and security. Moreover, you can get a lot of things with your own house.

Most people buy a new house after living in various rental houses. However, the cost of the property makes people think twice before purchasing. Plus, there are some disadvantages of ownership as well. Let’s find out:

Advantages of Ownership

  • Privacy

The best thing about house ownership is you will get a lot of privacy. When you are living in a rental property, privacy is the last thing you can expect, especially if the owner is living there as well.

  • Security

Even renting assure your security, you will feel more secure in your own home. Moreover, you will be able to choose the location and everything about the property. Plus, you can also do modifications to the property as per your requirements.

  • Good Investment

You should know that real estate is a good investment section. So, if you are buying a property, it can be a good asset for your future. The value of your real estate property will increase over time. You will be able to make a good profit selling it. In fact, you can rent the house to generate passive income.

  • Tax Incentives

House ownership is very good for tax incentives. If you want to save tax, your own property can be a great option. On the other hand, the rental house does not help with tax incentives.

Disadvantages of Ownership

  • High Upfront Costs

Even having your own home sounds amazing, buying one is not possible for everyone. It’s because of the high upfront costs. Buying a property costs a lot compared to renting. If you want to buy it with EMI, it will take a long time to clear the debt.

  • Difficult Maintenance

As we mentioned before, you don’t need to spend a lot on maintenance when you are leaving in someone else’s home. However, it’s not the same for yours. In fact, you have to be more aware of the maintenance here. However, it also depends on your requirements.

  • More Responsibilities 

When you are buying a home, you need to do everything by yourself. From repair costs to utility costs, you need to take care of everything.

Things to Consider Before Buying or Renting

Finally, you know what is the difference between ownership and renting. However, you need to consider some factors before deciding. So, before talking to the best packers in Bangalore, you need to read the following considering factors.

1. Financial Situation

The first factor you need to look is finance. This is the major thing you need to consider. If you have a good financial situation, it’s better to buy a house, even you want to buy it on EMI. Make sure you are not buying a property on EMI if you don’t have a stable income. Then it’s better to get a rental home.

2. Market Condition

Buying a home also depends on the market condition. When the market condition is high, try to avoid buying. If you are not knowledgeable about these things, you can get help from experts. You can contact those companies that provide movers in Bangalore. They will help you find the right home.

3. Lifestyle

Before you decide to buy or rent a home, be clear with your lifestyle. When you are choosing a rental property, you need to follow the owner’s regulations. This means you need to adapt to another lifestyle. Plus, it also depends on the neighborhood. On the other hand, you don’t have to change your lifestyle if you have your own home.

4. Location

Location plays a crucial role when you are moving in. Be it a rental home or your own place, you need to check the location first. For example, you have to choose a location where you can find a good hospital, school, bank, and transportation services. If you are moving to a new city like Bangalore, make sure you are contracting the best packers in Bangalore for location details.

5. Flexibility

When you have your own home, it becomes more flexible to maintain everything. Moreover, you will modify your place as per your and your family’s requirements. On the other hand, you can’t modify your rental home that much as you have to follow the owner’s regulations.

6. Tax Benefits

Before buying a property, you need to check tax benefits, especially when you are a beginner. You can get various tax benefits such as home loans and EMI. However, when you have a rental home, you don’t need to worry about these things.


Finally, you know the key differences between renting and ownership. If you are moving to Bangalore, it’s better to choose a rental property for the initial years. However, it depends on various things such as market value, personal requirements, finance, and taxes. For more details, make sure you are contacting a moving and real estate company first.

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