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Moving with a Disability: How to Plan, Pack, and Move Your Home?

Relocating your house is a daunting task in itself. Topping that, if you are someone with a disability (whatever the degree), then this whole process becomes way more challenging. In this article, you will get an insight into the factors you must tick when moving with a disability, how professional packers and movers services help in such scenarios, and what to cross-check before you hand the responsibility to them ( if you do so).

Note: This article does not specify the type of disability but takes a general overview of the same. The experts have tried to put in their comments in regard to the major motor disabilities.

How to prepare while moving with a disability?

If you are looking to relocate while dealing with a physical condition like this, then here are certain things to remember –

1. You must prepare the blueprint for the shifting process. This includes the day (or days) for shifting, the time (or times allocated), the process used (single set or double and triple set of moving), and the vehicles used for the same.

2. Another thing is to consider the finances associated with it. Note down the primary charges and keep a fund for additional amounts.

3. Since you are moving with a disability and will require additional help, do call helpers (if you are not seeking professional packers and movers) who can work in tandem with your demands. Also, ask your friends for help.

4. Always prepare an alternative plan for untoward instances that may occur in the process.

What difference do packers and movers make?

As you have seen, the preparation challenges for yourself when you are moving with a disability. However, when you seek professional services, they do a couple of things differently. This considerably reduces the workload, streamlines the relocation process, and ensures the work is over within the limited deadline.

Let’s see what changes they bring to the fore –

1. Choosing the correct storage unit

As you already know the importance of choosing the correct storage units while transporting the goods, let’s give you a peek into the specifics of how the professionals work –

  • They consider the concerned inventories that you have to shift and then note down the dimensions accordingly.
  • The next thing worth noting is the layout of the storage unit that they would choose. It is always in tandem with the goods.
  • Lastly, they check the humidity and temperature conditions before finalizing the units. This is also in tune with the products they have to move.

moving with a disability

2. Preparing directly for the moving day

Since the professionals are dealing with a condition of relocation services for a person who is moving with a disability, therefore, at the very beginning, they set up the schedule chart accordingly. From planning out the day (or days) for relocation to streamlining the process (which box will go first and how) to dealing with the papers and other formalities – everything is charted out. There is a team associated with this shifting process, and they have a member on board guiding them in dealing with this sensitive case scenario.

Thus, Packers & Movers Services in Bangalore prepared the whole shifting process in a categorical manner to avert any untoward situation. In case there still arises, the matter can be negotiated after the shifting process.

3. Settling you down in your new place

Lastly, they will help you settle down in your new home by dismantling and arranging the products accordingly and setting them up per layout. Since they are a team of professionals, they take only two days to complete the set-up process.

Their charges are –

1 or 2 BHK shifting INR 5,000 – 20,000 INR 4,000 – 5,000
3 or 4 BHK shifting INR 7,500 – 30,000 INR 4,500 – 6,000
More than 4 BHK shifting INR 10,000 – 40,000 INR 5,000 – 7,000
Distance from 12-30 km INR 5,000 – 25,000 INR 4,000+
Distance over 30 km INR 25,000 – 40,000 INR 5,000+

The rates are variable as per area and route followed. The prices are negotiable to a minimal amount.

Are packers and movers in Bangalore trustworthy?

When it comes to dealing with relocation, and that too in a delicate condition, as mentioned above – the professionals associated with Packers and Movers In Bommanahalli are well-trained for the same. They have credible prior experience in dealing with such cases. Also, during their training phase (regular drills), they are categorically taught to deal with such difficult situations and hence are accomplished technically and otherwise for the same.

Lastly, in more than a singular case, the professionals have delivered under strenuous circumstances, which involved quite an ordeal, thereby cementing the fact that they are trustworthy – whatever the scenario.

Having said that, it is essential that, as a responsible citizen, you ask a couple of questions and confirm your beliefs before moving ahead and opting for their services.

packers and movers bangalore

Ask these questions

If you have decided to seek the services of professionals such as PAM Packers & Movers in Bangalore since you are moving with a disability, here are a couple of queries you must put before them –

Query 1 – What about the emergency situations, if one arises at all?

How will the professionals deal with it, and what are the measures that they have in place? Also, has there been such a condition before, and if so, then is there a credible document about the same?

Query 2 – What if there is some issue regarding the goods in transit?

You, as a customer, must ask for the details regarding the same. Also, note down the financial aspects associated with the same.

Query 3 – Lastly, what are the ‘other’ associated charges not mentioned in the rate chart?

Most of these packers-movers services have ‘hidden costs’ not mentioned on paper. Ensure that you get details of the same.

Parting words

It is common knowledge that relocating, if not planned out in a definite manner, can become a nightmarish ordeal. Having said that, when you are thinking of moving with a disability, the challenge regarding the same is amplified at multiple levels. Hence, you must be cautious regarding the specifics and ensure that every loose end is tied well before you make the final move. If you have further doubts regarding the same, you can always connect with the executives associated with the professionals and get further details of the same.

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