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How to Pack & Move Safely During COVID-19: Quick tips and checklist for local home shifting

Covid-19 has terminated several services that were in daily routine globally like getting up early in the morning, going freely for a walk, getting ready for school office and college, break on social gatherings was the major prohibition, people were banned for visiting church, hospital, meeting friends and relatives everything was at pause, and social distancing became everyone’s motto. The coronavirus pandemic has been an emotional and physical trauma, and shifting your household with a local home shifting company coming under lockdown circumstances is another stressful and challenging job.

What can you do if packing and moving is unavoidable and you cannot postpone it? You must be thinking about how to pack and move safely during covid-19: what are quick tips and checklists for local home shifting? Well, the answer is that you need to follow a strategic and step-by-step approach. 

Hire local home shifting in Bangalore, especially packers and movers ready to move in this global crisis and take important measures to maintain health and safety operations. Before making any final decision, you must follow the below-mentioned safety tips while moving during Covid 19 to reduce risks and stress. 

Your priority must be your health first; take important measures to keep yourself safe from the virus; if you are willing to change your plans for a second to keep you and your family safe, don’t consider postponing your moving plan.

If you or any member of the family is above 60 years and have any respiratory or cardiovascular condition, then postpone your move and plan it only when the pandemic is over if someone in your house or any of the family member have come in contact with coronavirus or self-isolating then drop the plan of moving or consult your moving company and explain the situation in some cases, they may still work for you.

How To Pack & Move Safely During COVID-19?

Enquire About Safety Precaution

while choosing a moving company during COVID – 19, select the most reputed and experienced packers and movers in Bangalore for services; while making a move  during COVID -19 make sure that you ask about safety steps such as:

  • What precautions do the movers take to prevent the spread of covid 19?
  • What do you recommend to your customers to follow while making a move during the pandemic?
  • What will you do if you discover that any of your customers or the worker is diagnosed with covid-19?

Get Quotes Digitally

Avoid moving here and there during covid-19 for packer, and mover enquiry go digital ask for written quotes through email or messages choose an only registered service provider for safety and security of your goods. The virtual survey offers an alternative solution. You can go through the estimate from your home using video chat on your mobile before having a virtual chat to make sure that your tab or phone is completely charged and you have a strong internet connection. Prepare your room with open closets and cabinets so that the dealer can have an idea of the goods going to be shifted.

local home shifting

Pre-Cleaning Is Important 

As you are shifting with local packer and movers in Bangalore, make sure that in the covid-19 period you get your house cleaned with the help of professional cleaners, make sure that cleaning is done frequently and a day before your shifting tables, doorknobs,  light, switches, handles, toilets, electronics are completely cleaned.  Spray disinfectants and sanitisers to avoid insects and viruses spreading.

Avail No Contact Service

There have been regular health guidelines regarding social distance, avoiding contact, wearing masks, and sanitising your hands before touching any foreign object to stay protected from catching or spreading the virus, so make sure that movers and packers must renderer contactless services and you can control the situation without being physically present during loading and unloading of goods. Ask the service provider to follow safety instructions while transferring the stuff, you can guide them through the phone and track them through GPS trackers.

Double Packing For Safety

Coronavirus has taught us to be conscious about hygiene and safety; the best technique to pack and move is to cover your cardboard with plastic wraps as it is easily cleaned with antiseptic wipes, spray and cloth; ask your packers and movers to clean the boxes before loading them, and the same process must be repeated while unpacking of the goods to avoid any foreign antigens.

Prepare A Bag Of Essentials

While making a move during a pandemic, you must be aware of the danger of catching a virus for that, prepare a small bag consisting of a mask, hand sanitiser, and enough water and snacks for the day. Prevent yourself from roaming around for miscellaneous things to guide your children about the pandemic and safety precautions they must take. Do not stop your vehicle at the grocery store and expose yourself to the virus first, reach your destination safely.  While unloading the goods, wear masks and gloves to maintain distance from the workers and avoid touching goods and your face. Wash your hand thoroughly using good soap and if possible, take a shower.            

Is It Really Possible To Move Safely And Securely During Covid-19?

Sometimes due to unavoidable circumstances, a person cannot avoid relocating if you have any flexible moving date and a packer and mover in  Bangalore for local shifting is ready to provide you services, then after making several inquiries regarding safety precautions, you can move ahead with your plan. 

Also, remember if there are people with you who are in a high-risk group, then you can find an alternate solution: to use your own vehicle or rent a moving truck.

Remember the below mentioned precautionary steps while making a local home shifting.

Do not reach for handshakes or hugging while bidding goodbye to friends and neighbours. You can smile to express thanks.

Maintain social distancing, wear a mask covering your nose and mouth properly.

Carry necessary medicines for cold. cough and fever.

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