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How To Pack Your Kitchen Stuff While Doing Home Shifting

Packing and shifting is not a cakewalk, especially when you have to pack kitchen stuff. It is the most annoying and hardest part of home shifting due to the abundance of items like glassware, appliances, little gadgets, dissimilar items, and a variety of foodstuff. How can you forget about hundreds of boxes, containers, cutleries, etc.

You may not see yourself finishing packing kitchen stuff if you are not good at packing; you may need help from experts. The solutions to all the hard parts of your problem are Packers and movers in Bangalore. Due to your busy and hectic office schedule, you may not be able to find time to plan how to pack your kitchen stuff while doing the home shifting.  Experts and professionals from packers and movers Bangalore for local shifting can help you to deal with the stuff, but if you are on your own, you need to maintain a systematic step-by-step approach as a poorly packed kitchen may lead to disastrous results such as shattered glasses, broken crockery,  drawers and cupboards and appliances, and smelly food items. 

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Tips To Remember When Packing Your Kitchen Stuff While Shifting.

  • Declutter items in the kitchen and identify essentials, donate, give away or sell that you may not find exciting or not of any use.
  • Clean your kitchen items like appliances, jars, containers, crockery, and other items before packing, as you may not like seeing dirty items while unpacking in a new house.
  • Clean your drawers and cabinets, and remove food items or other items kept in them before shifting to avoid any breakage.
  • Sort out the kitchen items like food items in one place, then crockery, pots and pans, appliances, and cutleries so that you remain sorted while packing. This also gives you an idea of what packing materials you may require.
  • Prepare to guide chits to paste on the boxes with the names like crockery, food, silverware, glassware, appliances, etc., so that you may not need to open every box while unpacking.
  • Prepare a list of required packing materials properly so that you may not have to rush to the market often.
  • Select a day when you are free or plan to pack kitchen stuff on the weekend. If you are alone, seek help from friends and bribe them with packed snacks and drinks.

Required Packing Material List

  • Bubble wrap
  • Medium and large size boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Makers and labels
  • Plastic wrap
  • Polybags
  • Plastic pouches
  • Newspapers
  • Ziplock 
  • Crumpled paper
  • Cling wrap

How To Pack Your Kitchen Stuff While Doing Home Shifting

Pack dry food items and pantry: while packing your kitchen stuff packing perishable items like dairy products, fruits and vegetables is not a good idea; start consuming them or donate them. You can donate it to shelter houses, charities, orphanages, etc. Avoid carrying bottled items like juice and oil as the neck of the bottle may break and the product may leak; you can carry canned food and open food and grocery items. This will also reduce the number of boxes and jobs of transporting.

Sharp knives and cutleries: these items in the kitchen take a lot of time. While packing, wrap each knife separately in packing paper and then in towel wrap, a rubber band around it and place them together in a box or in a cling wrap to keep them free from bumping other cutleries like spoon tongs, mixers can be packed in in a small box with a plastic wrap tightly rolled around them.

Pack your precious glassware with care: lay down the layer of crumpled paper in a box and stuff packing paper between the glasses so that no glasses should be touching one another during transport, and be sure to write fragile in capital letters on them, safe padding around the glasses is only the way to keep your glasses carefully and protect against shattering and bumping.

Pots, pans, and other big stuff: do not pack them all together in a one-box use different medium size box and stack the pots and pans inside each other, place packing rapper in each pot and make sure the handles are padded properly, glass lid must be taken care pack them with bubble wrap and tape it or make a separate box, fill boxes with packing and crumpled paper travels to avoid gaps.

Plates: take a medium-sized box, put crumpled paper around 2 inches from the bottom and pat the layer with the bubble wrap; wrap each dish individually in a bubble wrap and put a piece of thin cardboard between every three dishes to create an extra buffer, fill the extra space with packing paper or old newspapers this helps in keeping the items at one place and avoid breakage.

Large appliances: it’s the quite difficult part of packing kitchen stuff either you must allocate them early before moving period or if you are leaving behind disconnect it from its place fridges need not be defrosted and if you are carrying it along with you keep your fridge empty and defrosted pack it properly with packing materials and make safe padding on handles,  foot and door to avoid breakage.

Small and medium-sized appliances: they need not be packed individually in separate boxes, but to limit the transportation, you can pack them in a medium-size box with the help of bubble wraps, stuffing the towels, newspapers, and crumpled paper for expensive and irregular-shaped appliances you need to take them properly and transport them ahead of time, take-down any moving parts and remove accessories make sure you keep those parts safely and in your remembrance.

How to pack your kitchen stuff while doing home shifting? This question will no longer annoy you like the above-mentioned tips and techniques will let you pack your stuff in the most sorted and organized manner after packing; transporting kitchen items is another leap you must make sure that your kitchen stuff must reach its destination safely and securely.

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