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How To Properly Carry Out An Apartment Shifting?

How to make the move stop “like a fire”? To ensure everything is safe and safely moved to a new location? The most important thing is how to save time, money, and energy for those who move? We have tips, secrets, and life tricks to make it easy for you to move!

How To Prepare, What To Do, And When?

The main advice-don’t postpone the preparations for moving to the last few days/hours. It looks like you have very few things, everything will soon enter the box. In fact, the preparation phase always takes a few days, and it is best to start about a month before the moving date.

How To Deal With Moving To A New Home?

Before moving into a new home, it is important to clean it thoroughly! Our useful tips will help you clean your new home quickly and efficiently!

When you move, it is important to make you feel that your new home truly belongs to you. This is why we all want to get rid of the reminders of previous tenants in the first place. When you move items to your new home, you should remove stubborn smells, dirt, cobwebs, and dust, so this is where you start. Here is how to clean your new home:

  • Clean out the house before you move
  • Clean the house from top to bottom

Although it was etiquette for former owners to clean the house themselves before moving, this work was often not done. If this is the case for your situation, you must remove the traces of the previous tenants before you move, because it will be more difficult to clean the house thoroughly after the house is occupied. You can also take packers and movers services in Bangalore for home shifting.

You don’t want dust and dirt to fall on the newly polished wooden floor, do you? Start cleaning from the ceiling, then work down. First, use a mop or brush to remove cobwebs and dust from the corners of the ceiling, then clean the walls, fireplaces, and other surfaces, and finally sweep them off the floor.

What Are The Things To Do Before Moving?

Many movers and packers services in Bangalore offer relocation packages. But it is not cheap, and not everyone will agree to entrust the packaging of things to strangers. We have created a list, you can organize the movement by yourself.

Here Is The List Of Things To Do Before Moving : 

  1. Remove excess
  2. Measuring furniture and appliances
  3. Find a car and porter
  4. Reserve packaging materials
  5. Handling bills and packages
  6. Pack things up
  7. Prepare the new apartment
  8. Warn friends, colleagues, and neighbors
  9. Tidy up the old apartment
  10. Postponement essentials

What Are The Secrets Of Easy And Fast Preparation?

Check Out Are The Secrets Of Easy And Fast Preparation

You have received the plan to prepare for the move, and now it is time to write down how to easily accomplish all these tasks without causing unnecessary trouble.

Let us conduct an audit! This applies to everything-clothes, books, objects, tableware, toys, documents, etc. Before starting, plan a big pop-up box and another gift/sale box. Sort everything and try to get rid of trash and garbage! Give everything you don’t need, but still look normal and working. Sell ​​it cheaply, and then the process will be faster.

We form a separate bag/box and file. This is what you will always have. It is useful to organize the documents into separate documents, sign all the documents, and then transport them in a box.

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Necessity: This is not only toiletries (brushes, pastes, soaps), but also towels, toilet paper, a set of clothes suitable for all families, and a set of simple products. Don’t forget to put pet food in this box!

Pay special attention to value! Highlight a bag/box of valuables, jewelry, and antiques. We collect it, carefully pack all valuable things, and then take it to the transportation salon (we will not load it into a shared van!).

We disassemble the furniture. The principle here is simple-all All possible things must be disassembled and carefully packaged. Special attention should be paid to the fasteners, which are folded into a sealed bag and marked.

In preparing to move, you will need thick cardboard boxes/boxes, fabric and plastic bags, scotch tape, bright markings for inscriptions.

What Do You Need For Packing?

The packaging process should not be later than a week before the expected date, or even earlier. The main packaging material is usually a cardboard box. You can buy or ask for it in supermarkets and nearby shops.

How many boxes do you need? Pay attention to data like this-on average, for a two-bedroom apartment for a family with children, you need 20-30 boxes of large and medium-sized items.

All boxes must be signed with bright markers and sealed with sturdy wide tape! In addition, you also need newspapers or other flexible wrapping paper, foam wrapping paper, twine, and ordinary bags.

It is good to wrap furniture with heavy fabrics (old curtains and bedsheets are good!) and bubble film that can be bought in the store.

Suits, fur coats, and other expensive items can be transported directly on the hangers in the special portable cardboard “cabinet”.

Life Hacks Of Packaging And Labeling

For things from different rooms, you need to highlight your boxes and mark them with stickers/stickers of the same color. So, for example, “kitchen” boxes-green labels and stickers, “children”-red, etc. This will help you find and sort the items you need faster in the new location.

Buy a small book and fill in all the boxes you have collected under the numbers. You can simply indicate “Box 1: Something from the nursery, books, textbooks”, etc. The number is useful because it can help you quickly determine which box is missing.

Put clothespins, rope, and washing powder directly into the drum of the washing machine, find chargers for all mobile phones at one time, and pack computer equipment with wires. Set into sheets, and put them together with towels, pillows, and blankets.

Subtleties Of Furniture Packaging

This is the main recommendation-the better the furniture is packaged, the more likely it is to be completely safe. Therefore, everything that can be demolished must be demolished. Unpack and wrap each piece in cardboard, paper, or bubble wrap. Immediately attach the bag to the accessories and fasteners with tape and sign everything.

Wrap the armchairs, sofas, and mattresses with cloth, and then fix them with tape.

Door handles and furniture drawers must be prevented from opening and fixed with tape or twine.

All mirror inserts and glass must be taken out of the furniture and packed separately! Wrap the mirror and glass with bubble wrap or thick cloth, and wrap it with scotch tape. Bright markings and inscriptions will help distinguish these fragile items from ordinary piles.

Before Leaving The Old Home

Now, before you leave your old home, make sure that the electricity, water, heating, and telephone in the new home are turned on so that you will not be out of facilities.

Also, think about someone who can come and clean your old house so that your attention will not return to it. Let others do it for you. The real estate agent may even hire someone for you.

Animals And Houseplants

If you have indoor flowers or pets, be especially careful when preparing for the move. If possible, bring your pet to a friend or relative for a day or two, or take a taxi or private car to the new apartment. This needs to be dealt with in advance, especially if your pet cannot tolerate stressful situations, is afraid of strangers, or may jump out of the apartment when movers move things.

The birdcage must be wrapped with dense material/cloth and secured with windproof tape.

Hamsters and guinea pigs can be transported in their own cages, but not in the sultry body, but in the compartment of the car. The cage can be wrapped in cloth and placed on the leg to avoid violent shaking.

The delivery of indoor plants must be discussed with the employees of the transportation company in advance. If the factory requires special transportation conditions, it may need to be arranged separately.

As you can see, you can calmly prepare for the apartment move-then the risk is much less.

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