Packing and moving heavy items by experts? 4 key points to note!

Are you relocating your office in Bangalore? Well, as good as the Silicon Valley of India may boast, this is a daunting task. Have you thought about packing and moving heavy items? How do you intend to proceed? Well, your search ends here for all of you who are confused and desperately looking for help! As you slide down this article, you will get a detailed idea about how packers and movers services help you in the process (you must cautiously choose the correct one). Therefore, you can concentrate on planning your business expansion rather than spending those priceless hours behind this job.

Wondering if this is true? Are the services actually good enough to help you? Also, how can you trust them? No worries! Stay tuned to get answers to your bevy of queries

How do experts help in packing and moving heavy items?

When you consider relocating your office stacked with heavy machinery and furniture, you might wish to quit. However, when it comes to professionals, they handle it more smartly. Here’s how –

1. They lay down a plan coordinating with your demands

When you connect with them regarding discussing your office relocation plans, they will chart out a plan that includes crucial details such as – the deadline for shifting, timing for shifting, priority basis regarding the shifting process and finally, the date and time when they will assist in relocation. Unlike your random attitude (or complete relocation in a single-day format), theirs is a well-laid-out strategy that involves meticulous planning and coordination, albeit in tune with your demands.

Movers And Packers in Yeshwanthpur Bangalore

2. They gather the packing equipment and supplies

When considering packing and moving heavy items, it is not just huge boxes or tapes that you need. At times, you will need to disassemble the heavy items, pack them separately and transport them under certain restrictions. Experts know the trick and cushion the products adequately, seal them correctly and then label them accordingly. After that, they transport them in order of their weightage to ensure that the chances of accidents are reduced significantly in transit.

3. They have an expert-based packing strategy at hand

They follow an industry-specified packing strategy when packing and moving heavy items so that the chances of any untoward incident or destruction of goods-in-transit are reduced to a bare minimum. Unlike home relocation, office goods have different demands in terms of packing that you may not be updated about, but they follow.

4. Their price chart is all-inclusive

Lastly, the key point that differentiates experts from novices (and even you in this case) is – their detailed rate chart. For the record –

MID-LEVEL COMPANY INR 25,000 – 35,500
UNLISTED COMPANY INR 25,000 – 40,000 (negotiable price depending on the size of the company).
LISTED COMPANY INR 40,000 – 65,500

Most of these prices are inclusive of taxes and untoward expenses. Also, some of these rates are negotiable depending on the size and turnover of the company. If you had been doing this yourself, you may have missed out on counting the unwarranted expenses, and it would automatically skyrocket – a mistake that experts avoid.

What will be your work then?

You have read in the section mentioned above, the role of packing and moving services when it comes to packing and moving heavy items. Hence, one can surely state that once the work has been handed over, the agency will take up the person’s responsibility.

However, in this case, the Bangalore-based agency expects the clients to coordinate with the team leader heading the relocation process and provide any insight as and when required. Though the agency does not wish to be monitored in any way, it appreciates you as an individual seeking updates on the progress and coordinating accordingly.

packing and moving heavy items

Can you trust Bangalore Packers and Movers?

Packers and Movers Malleswaram, a noted segment of the PAM packers & movers Bangalore agency, has been in the domain for nearly a decade now. Hence, they are aware of the smallest details associated with the process and plan this relocation process in a stringent and categorical manner. More than everything else, the noteworthy point is – they have real-time market experience, which makes their power to anticipate a change in plan (it may happen at any time) higher vis-a-vis a normal individual.

Hence, the chances of any untoward glitch are considerably reduced, ensuring that this office relocation process will be done with clarity and within the specified date.

Yet, as a responsible and aware individual looking for a relocation service provider, you need to check a few things. When you scroll down to the next segment, you will get an idea of the same.

Cautionary factors before finalising

The questions that you must ask the concerned service providers are –

1. If they are experienced enough in packing and moving heavy items, and whether they have any credible experience to showcase?

2. The kind of packing that they are using. Not every wooden box can carry your desktop! Have they done any quality checks, and if so, then what are the results? There must be coordination between you and the service provider regarding the same.

3. Who will be responsible in case of any glitch? Also, in case of any damage to the goods in transit, what is their role, and how much will they pay, or at least on what grounds will it be determined?

4. Is there any negotiation against the rate chart that is given?

There’s no harm in questioning and cross-questioning your service provider unless completely satisfied. Hence, note the response to these points before going ahead.

Last words

It is only when you are actually involved in the process that you realise the difference between thinking about the relocation process and actually packing and moving heavy items for the same. However, now, with expert agencies extending their services widely, without a doubt the whole process has significantly become less stressful. As a responsible individual, you, too, must seek these services only after you have done the required research.

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