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How To Protect Your Furniture & Wooden Accessories When Moving House Or Office

Relocating a house or an Office is a humongous job as you have to pack the entire household and the office staff, either you pack it yourself or hire a team of professionals but there are some huge objects like furniture and wooden accessories to be moved. Moving and packing it yourself is entirely a time taking and technical part of packing; everybody is not a master at this job well some can do it on their own. While handling furniture and wooden accessories, you must be careful though they are durable but expensive and demand little care while shifting. You can hire a team of the best packers and movers In Bangalore to deal with your furniture easily and carefully. A team of experts will pack your furniture and deliver it safely.

If you are not experienced and do not know much about handling expensive furniture, then you may damage it, the glass of the wooden table can break, your wooden shelf may get scratched, the leg of an almirah can break, and upholstery can be ripped, and what not so to avoid another cost-driven expense it’s better to seek services from experts.

How To Protect Your Furniture & Wooden Accessories When Moving House Or Office

If you are on your own then you must learn the tips from the best packers and movers In Bangalore below for protecting your furniture & wooden accessories when moving house or office; with the help of packing material, you will be able to protect your precious furniture. Let’s discuss further it:

The wooden furniture is heavy and you may not be able to lift it alone and for that either you hire professionals or hire a laborer for a day who can lift and move it for you.

Seek services from the packers and movers for the shifting of heavy goods.

There can be several wooden households in your house and office like sofa, bed, drawers, cabinets, dining table, small tables, shelves and bed that has to be shifted but some of them may not even be removed from the room due to its length and breadth to escape this situation you need to assemble the furniture carefully.

Gather the tools required for assembling the parts of furniture,  prepare small boxes labeled with furniture names so later you may not get confused with which screw belongs to which furniture.

Keep the accessories of furniture altogether while shifting like covers, cushions, and straps so that later you may not have to find them.

Assemble the big furniture like the bed first, keep the count of parts so that you may not have to think while fixing it.

Try the below-mentioned triple-layer padding protection method while shifting your furniture and wooden accessories when moving house or office.

  • Surface protection is mandatory to protect the wood surface from moisture, dust, scratches, and dirt. It is necessary to give shock protection to your precious furniture to prevent any shocks, vibrations, bumps, or impacts.
  • Padding with foam is compulsory, don’t be ignorant, padding must be used to cover every inch of solid wood furniture, give padded protection to cover corners and handles when relocating solid wood furniture. Wrap your furniture multiple times if needed, any decorative corners of a delicate piece will require extra foam padding for protection.
  • The third layer of outer protection includes a hard casing or added padding to keep your furniture safe from transportation hazards.

Rehousing is a stressful job, you need to keep yourself calm while disassembling the furniture and wooden accessories.

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Wrap your furniture correctly using bubble wrap and plastic sheeting for wrapping goods, cover delicate pieces with bubble wrap, and use plastic wrap to protect your upholstered items. You may require packing tape, duct, cardboard sheets, packing paper, shrink wrap, marker, highlighter, notepaper newspaper and crumpled papers prepared at arm’s length.

Adding cardboard sheets adds puff in between the furniture, gives extra protection, and helps prevent gouges or scratches while furniture is on the truck.

Bubble Wrap is also ideal for protecting glass tabletops and mirrors. Consider taping a giant “X” on the item first using painter’s tape so, if it does break, it will be less likely to shatter. Wrap the glass or mirror completely, paying special attention to the corners. Finish by placing the item between two sheets of corrugated cardboard.

Likewise, packing and moving, placing the furniture in the truck is equally important. Place your goods properly for flexible moves. Start placing the boxes across the backend of the truck of the same size, sealed and tightly packed to prevent slipping.

Hiring services from experts is a good idea as it is hazardous to do it on your own while departing loaded trucks; make sure that they are using specialized vehicles and correct processing technology to get the job done.

It is always better to opt for insurance service, consult with your service provider about the type and size of insurance, make an estimate of the value of your furniture and get sufficient premium covered adequately.

The first step followed by the best packers and movers In Bangalore is plotting the list of furniture and wooden accessories when moving house. Create an accurate list of inventory. You must also know the measurements of your stuff before shifting to remove delicate parts from your furniture like doorknobs, handles, drawers, etc.

Clean your furniture properly, and remove cobwebs and dust before shifting. You can oil them with furniture oil to avoid infestation of bugs; if any of the cupboard drawers or cabinets are old and worn, avoid carrying them you can donate it to shelter homes or to the one who needs them.

Well, this can be an important tip for assembling furniture. Make sure that you carry the tool case to your new destination. You never know when a hammer, scissors, screwdriver or pliers might come in handy when moving furniture. Always be ready for unexpected things. Moving includes a lot of assembling and disassembling of furniture.

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