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Questions To Ask A Moving Company Before An International Move

Is this your first international move? Well, it is time that, you know – one mistake could cost you not only a hefty amount but a deck of paperwork that have to be redone. Compared to domestic shifting, there’s a chance to make a room full of errors when it comes to international shifting. Therefore, it is crucial for you to gain knowledge about the intricacies of relocating abroad and consider the services of professional packers and movers regarding the same.

Though you are a novice to the domain, there are a couple of queries that you must ask your service provider to gain a better insight into this relocation process. Here’s the checklist that must be ticked – before you decide to pick a service provider –

What questions to ask before an international move?

Before considering an international relocation process, these are the queries that you need to get the answers to –

Query 1 – How long has the company been working in the international domain?

This is the preliminary query that you will have since – neither every company is trained in international relocation nor do they have extensive experience in the same. If you do not receive an answer in the positive for this, chances are that you will be defrauded and can incur not just a massive financial loss but also get entangled in useless paperwork that ultimately will yield no value for you.

Therefore, you need to clear it out with the relocation company about their experience and whether they are connected to any relocation service provider company in the foreign domain from where that company can take over. You must have details of the relocation process.

Query 2 – Are your licenses and foreign relocation handling policies updated?

The next query that you will have for your packers and movers KR Puram Bangalore is – whether their licenses and handling policies are updated. For the record, you will need licenses such as – FIDI, AMSA, DOT, OTI, and NVOCC. They must be up-to-date as far as international relocation is concerned.

In this process, you must also ensure they are subject to regulation and bound by the international rules and policies associated with international packers and movers service providers.

Questions To Ask A Moving Company Before An International Move

Query 3 – Do you have insurance coverage? What are the details?

To have insurance coverage is a must! Technically in the international relocation domain, there are 3 categories of insurance coverage – transit, comprehensive and third-party. Additionally, you will have to check the coverage of the insurance provided – US$10,000 TO US$100,000 and whether it matches your requirement. Most relocation companies during an international move provide this coverage; if they don’t, you will have to get it yourself.

Query 4 – Does your company provide the in-house estimates?

Ask them about the pricing system and whether they hand over any in-house estimates. Normally, a representative of the company comes forth, assesses the products, streamlines the relocation process, gives out the details of the vehicles that will be used and details the approximate costs incurred for the same (along with an additional amount in case of an emergency). Also, clarify details about the payment method, whether it has to go in a single set or in instalments.

Steer clear if the relocation company that you have chosen do not provide the details since there are increased chances of fraudulence.

Query 5 – How do you handle the customs regulations? Does the client need to be there?

When picking a relocation company, you will have to get details about their way of handling the customs. In most cases, due to prior international move-related work process, the teams are already prepared to provide the needed paperwork, and the client need not be there. Does the company you are finalising follow this process? Whatever the answer, assuredly, you must be in tune with the same.

Query 6 – Do you have a door-to-door shipping policy? Can it be tracked in real-time?

You must clarify with your relocation service provider whether they have a door-to-door shipping policy and if the whole thing can be tracked in real-time. Go in for a company that prefers direct transit rather than changing since that reduces the chances of breaking and misplacing goods. Also, check if it is a singular team associated with the work or if there is a third party involved in the same.

Query 7 – What is the duration of this transit process and what are the modes of transport?

The duration of the transit process will depend on the carriers and the restrictions placed. Also, the mode of transport is determined by the company – since it can be a singular movement process or via different carriers. Whatever the scenario, it is important that they must update you on the same. Also,

Note: During this transit period, if required, your good has to be stored, and you must be updated on the same.

Query 8 – What restrictions are placed on the goods?

Normally, restricted goods include live animals, firearms, illegal substances, plants, specified medicines, cultural artefacts and perishable goods. Apart from that, if any other good is restricted, your relocation company must update you on the same.

International Move

Are you satisfied with the answers?

These are some of the basic queries that anyone would have regarding making a move, especially when you are planning one beyond the domestic domains. However, the critical point to note here is – are you satisfied with the answers provided by the packers and movers service providers, and do they meet up your expectations?

Surely, when you are looking up options for service providers who will help you with your international move, you must have prepared a checklist. Ensure that these queries you have put forth provide the answers that suit your requirements – both strategically and financially. Assuredly, some changes have to be made given the practical demands of the situation, but that, in no way, must be inconvenient to you during this relocation process.

Final thoughts

As prepared and excited as you might be to embark on a new journey, planning out and executing an international move is a challenging task. When you get the services of a credible moving company, the issues become easy to resolve, and the process becomes comparatively less hectic than it already is. Last but not least – do check the credentials multiple times and the past experiences of their clients before you opt for a service provider. Keep these pointers in mind, and assuredly, you will have a better relocation experience.

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