Shifting Fragile Products Safely With Movers Services In Bangalore

You should be concerned about fragile items being damaged during the move. Pack slowly. If you pack in a rush, you might end up putting in items in an unorganized manner which could lead to the loss of precious fragile items. It is impossible to predict the movements of a box and you may end up damaging it if you don’t mark the boxes. Protect your fragile items as best you can. Find the best movers services in Bangalore to pack and move your belongings.

Here are some packing materials you’ll need to pack fragile items

  • Permanent marker
  • Scissors
  • Tape for packing
  • Bubble wrap, newspaper or old t-shirts.
  • Flexible cardboard
  • Durable boxes (small or medium size)

These tips are provided by movers services in Bangalore to help you safely move delicate items using the correct packing materials.

movers services in Bangalore

Mirrors or sheet glass

During shifting by movers services in Bangalore, if the mirrors are not furnished with sufficient shock absorbers, they break. Tape the mirror from one edge to another, corner to corner, so it frames a middle looking like a star on the mirror. This strategy ingests vibrations and safeguards the glass. Use foam defenders to get the sides of the sheet glass or mirror. If movers services in Bangalore are shifting different sizes of glass make certain to segregate them into their sizes and then place them accordingly. Placing a huge glass close to the little ones will cause harm without a doubt. When you are shifting stacked sheet glasses ensure you add a layer of paper, bubble wrap or foam sheets in between them. If you are transporting an important piece of glass or mirror, crating them is ideal. In crating, wooden pallets and foam are utilized to shape a box that gives sufficient cushioning to safeguard your important thing.


Pack each plate in bubble wrap and secure it with packing tape. For plates made of bone china or fine china, it is crucial to place a layer of cushioning between the plates. The layer of cushioning can be malleable cardboard or pad foam. Furthermore, remember to pack the plates upward in a vertical pattern since this decreases the surface region, thus reducing the risk of breakage during the move. The unfilled spaces in the crate can be loaded up with old papers or an old shirt. Yet, ensure you don’t overpack the crate which would prompt a disaster. Tape the crates close and mark them as ‘Fragile: Handle with Caution.

movers services in Bangalore


Wrap individual glasses with paper and fold them inside the glass and secure it with packing tape. Though the glassware might appear to be little, they will generally get heavier when they are stacked one on top of the other. Thus, it is wise to involve a twofold walled box for packing which is either medium or small. Never utilize huge boxes to pack glassware since it is harder to pack and deal with. You can layer the crates with more than one sort of glassware however ensure that you place the sturdiest glassware at the base and lighter ones on top. Add a layer of malleable cardboard or foam between the layers of glassware. Whenever you have fixed the container ensure you mark which side is up.

Vases and fine earthenware ceramics

It is always a good idea to utilize small boxes for packing vases or some other fragile things. The movers services in Bangalore will wrap the jar with paper and stuff the bottlenecked segment with paper to reduce friction while moving. Secure the wrapping with tape and utilize folded paper or an old shirt to occupy the vacant space in the case. More small bits of glass can be pressed along with flexible cardboard separating one from another. If you are packing a huge container, utilize a twofold walled box with folded paper or an old towel filling up the spaces.

Dinner sets

Bubble wrapping is a must with regard to glass dining sets. We avoid potential risks to keep it from any damage and breaking. It can be tedious as you need to pack every item carefully. Occupy in the vacant space with fabric or cotton for help. When you cautiously place them in a container box, seal it and name it with a note of fragile items. While loading the truck, ensure the packers and movers load it in the end and not at the lower part of a stack.

movers services in Bangalore

Electronic things

Kitchen appliances like mixer, grinder, juicer, microwave, and kitchen chimney are the essentials in the kitchen and should be packed cautiously. Pack them in huge cardboard boxes and cover those with waterproof sheets as water would influence your appliances. If you could find the padding that came with it, it would be excellent and you can ensure that the things arrive at your new residence with practically no dents or scratches.

Steel utensils

Metal utensils are the things that we care the least about however they additionally should be stuffed cautiously. Since more often we have steel utensils in huge numbers, that is the reason they are easy to be lost. Prior to packing, ensure that you wash steel and copper vessels completely. Try to pack them according to their size and shape. Utilize different packing boxes for each one of them according to their grouping.

Silver things

Obviously, silver things are valuable and you can’t bear to lose or damage them while packing. Clean your silverware before you pack them. Pack them in a separate box from the steel vessels. Place them together and cover them with fabric and seal them with tapes or stretchable plastic wraps.


So we have discussed all the details on how to pack the fragile things, and the time has come to get associated with movers services in Bangalore. You’ve planned out this far and presently it is the right time to get connected with the finest packers and movers. Great planning can keep you on track on your moving day with the – the best movers services in Bangalore.

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