The 6-step guide to decluttering your home you must not miss!

When faced with the challenging task of decluttering your home, the minimalist technique is always the winner. In the words of a noted interior designer, keeping the clutter at bay in your home space is the key to ensuring a home that relaxes and recharges you to face the stress of the upcoming day. It can be one of the most demanding tasks – whether you plan to do it yourself or seek professional help.

This article will highlight some tips and tricks to declutter every room of your home in an organized way. It will also provide insight into seeking professional help and how they categorically assist in the decluttering process.

How to categorically declutter your home?

As easy as you may think it to be, this process is hassling! So, when you are looking to declutter your home, there are some steps you must follow –

Step 1 – Figure out if the things are in their place

One of the primary things you must do is find out if the concerned things are in the right place. Technically, the noodles and chips packets are not supposed to be in your bedroom or the medicine kit on your dining table. This is one notable thing about professionals such as packers and movers JP Nagar Bangalore; they prepare a checklist of the things – and their set places. When doing the job alone, you too must do the needful.

Mark out the household goods and where to keep them. It is from here that you start segregating the goods.

decluttering your home

Step 2 – Segregate the things

This is the next step in decluttering your home. You can categorically put them into ‘what to keep’ and ‘what to throw’ stacks, or – you can segregate them on the basis of priority.

When you are done figuring out which is to be put where – you must keep those items you need or use regularly in a separate stack. Then figure out things you require occasionally. Fold them and put them in separate bags. Naturally, while doing the previous two jobs, you will find a host of trash in these items. Find trash bins and separate them.

However, before you remove all the trash, find those that can be recycled and donated. Say you find some old clothes in your bedroom cupboard. You can always donate them rather than throwing them away. Similarly, cardboard boxes or old books can either be recycled or sold separately.

Step 3 – Plan out each room

Once you have planned the outline, the next step is to get to planning the rooms. Say you start with kitchen decluttering. How would you like to keep your kitchen? What are all things you need to keep, and where to place the same? Do you need to shift the cans and the machinery from one side of the kitchen to another? In this manner, you will also have to plan out the other rooms.

Step 4 – Start from one corner of the home

When you are thinking of decluttering your home, the biggest problem is – where to start from. Will the kitchen be your first target, or should you start with the bedrooms?  If not – then should you do up all the bedrooms at the same time? Experts suggest that you start from one corner of your home, just like the professional service providers. This way – you can finish the work within a deadline categorically.

Step 5 – Tackle one stack at a time

You could start by arranging the bookshelf. Bring out all the books you have stacked from the other rooms, and start arranging them. The next thing is the shoe rack. From here, you could go to settle the wardrobes.

What is important is – to pick out one area, arrange it and then move to arranging the others. This way the whole process will be streamlined.

Step 6 – Things to do after decluttering your home

Once you have tidied out the rooms, the immediate next thing you must do is handle the laundry. Without a doubt, there will be a stack of dirty clothes that will require cleaning. That done – next, dusting and vacuuming the areas is a must. When vacuuming, the key points to check are the areas between seams of mattresses, cushions, and couches. Additionally, you will have to wipe the surfaces with either a damp cloth or any cleaning mixture.

Lastly, put away the trash and set up the bed, change the cushion covers and spray a freshener, put fresh flowers, and incense sticks, or aromatic candles to beautify your decluttered home space.

decluttering your home

How do professional services help?

You can follow the above-mentioned steps when you are decluttering your home personally. However, professionals have a different way of dealing with the process.

  • They have a chart outlined by their in-house interior designer to segregate things in their own place as per the style of the house. Once they are assigned the job, they consult with you, keep your needs in mind and tweak the outline accordingly to ensure the process is attuned to your demands.
  • Apart from decluttering, the service providers associated with packers and movers JP Nagar Bangalore also ensure that before the final setup, they conduct a pesticide and vermin treatment with a minimum 5 years guarantee. So rest assured, it is not just decluttering but also cleansing your home space.
  • If certain heavy goods have to be moved out or shifted to another location, the service providers have the required equipment to assist you. Hence, along with decluttering, you can also seek their services to help you load and unload goods at a new location.

Thus, one may state that when you seek professional help in this decluttering process, the avenues in terms of benefits widen.

Final thoughts

As you have already seen, decluttering your home is difficult, and you might require professional help. However, assuming you have read this article well, you can chalk out a plan to declutter the specific spaces in your home. Also, if you choose to seek professional help, ensure that the concerned Packers and Movers Bangalore company has credible work experience and strong customer testifications to back its claims. Connect with their representatives online for further discussions.

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