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Things to do to make your new house feel like home

Are you looking to move to new home? As daunting a task as it is, apart from the herculean physical aspect associated with it, the emotional detachment from a new home can be exhausting. What’s more draining is that it becomes almost next to impossible to recreate the ‘nest’ that you cherished so much. For the unversed, you can seek professional help, such as packers and movers, who will not only help you relocate but set up your home ideally to ensure that your new house is reminiscent of your ‘home.’

As you will scroll down this article, you will get an idea of how professional services help you set up your home. Also, what is that ‘X’ factor that packers and movers service providers of Bangalore bring forth that is not found in the random service providers? Here’s the answer to all your queries –

How professionals help you move to new home?

You might think that none can get the ‘earthy old vibe’ of your old home in your new one. However, professional services such as packers and movers can actually recreate the vibe of your old one at your new place. Here’s how they do it –

1. Create a basic idea by comparison

The first step that the experts will take is – to compare your new home with the old one and prepare an outline based on that. This will include the placement of rooms, the colors used, and the basic set-up (pictures, house accessories, houseplants). Once verified by you, they will set up your new house accordingly (start with painting and then set up). So by the time you will move in – assuredly, it will already be home.

2. Pick up new home decor

Though the real touch of home comes from the old set of things that you have, to bring in a variety – it is advised to pick up new home decor. When the experts do the job, you will find them to pick precisely those pieces that are in accord with your old home. There will be a semblance between the new and the old that will help both merge, minus any discomfort.

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3. Follow a pattern of setting up the rooms

In case you have to move to new home before the set-up is done, there are chances that you might feel ‘lost’ for some time. That’s when you need the professionals. While you keep staying, they will set up the rooms one by one in a symmetrical manner (the boxes that are stacked are labeled, so there will be no problem in setting up the rooms one by one) – so that you can start using the rooms one by one without any feeling of alienation.

4. Set up the lights ideally

The last thing that the professionals will help you set up to make your house – your ‘home’ is setting up the lights. Whether it is the usual LED lights for the critical areas of the home, or the pendant lights hanging on false ceilings and under-cabinet lighting, the experts ensure that your new home has the lights placed at those ‘exact’ locations and in that ‘specific’ manner as it was in your old abode. If you like to – then a couple of new lights will also be added to it.

These are some of the steps professionals take to ensure you feel safe ‘at home’ in your brand-new cozy area.

What factors to check before finalizing?

Assuming you will seek the services of professionals for turning your house into a ‘cozy little home’ – there are certain factors that you must check before finalizing the services –

  • Their portfolio: This is one of the critical factors you will have to check to get a glimpse of their work and what they can provide. When you connect with service providers such as Packers and Movers Rt Nagar, you will see them presenting their portfolio, a sample of their worksheet that they have worked on previously. Hence, from there, you will get an idea about what they have created before and are capable of.

Are they ready for a demo? On seeing the portfolio, you will get a basic idea, agreed. But what if you want more? The packers and movers are ready to give you a virtual demo to ease your curiosity levels.

  • An idea about their current rates: The next thing you must check before hiring service providers to help you move to a new home is the rates they charge and how much parity there is with the market rates. Usually, they will have a segmented rate chart (packing, moving, setting up costs/ only setting up costs/ refurbishing costs, and many others). You need to check which one suits you the most.
  • Testimonials: Lastly, you must check what the previous clients have to say about their services. That is important for you to determine whether you would opt for the same.

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Why choose packers and movers?

Now that you have clarity about the factors that are of prime importance when it comes to moving to a new home and recreating the look and vibe of the older one – let’s give you certain reasons that will ease your choice of the Bangalore-based packers and movers services.

  • The company has been in the market for nearly a decade now and understands the market demands. Taking that into account, they outline the plan (if you discuss the strategy with them and seek their services) way before your ‘moving out’ date and prep the home (the basics) as soon as you decide the date to move to new home.
  • Apart from that, each and every step in this new and tasking process is meticulously planned and cross-checked with the client at every step. Therefore, assuredly, you will feel included in this process of curating the look of your new home.
  • A team is assigned for your job who take care of not just the structure of your new home but also the aesthetics of the same (all in coordination with you).

Final thoughts

As stated earlier, the move to new home is already tiring in itself, but need not be emotionally daunting as well. Professionals are there to help you in this process and ensure that your ‘new house’ has the same vibe and aura as your old home. Do the required checking and let the professional packers and movers service providers take over. Sit back and enjoy this new homescape with a steaming cup of brew.

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