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Things To Do When Moving To New Home For First Time

Whether you are living on rent or you have bought a new house for yourself, moving to a new home for the first time is a giant leap and a  moment to celebrate and cherish, but somewhere in your heart, you are worried about shifting propaganda as it is exciting and annoying together. The shifting process includes several ‘to do things’ from changing address to packing your whole house and shifting to a new destination. Know all tips from the Packers and movers in Bangalore for your requirement

Shifting is your first priority now and you must plan a strategic approach to keep things stable and flexible, follow the below-mentioned steps for things to do when moving to a new home for the first time

  • Prepare a list of chores you have to do before leaving your old house like how you will be packing and moving, your location will change you have to inform grocery store about your new address to get utilities you must change your address with electricity board, banks, post office, children’s school and at your office.
  • Clear your dues, make payments to your helpers like maids, sweepers,and  security guards, pay electricity, grocery, medical, and maintenance bills, etc.
  • You must plan your packing schedule according to the rooms like bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms,and  living room and label the boxes with proper marks so that you may not jump over boxes looking for stuff that is required by older people, kids, or by you.
  • Prepare a box of essentials that contains important medicines, basic toiletries, clothes for 2 days, a towel set, and some snacks.
  • Schedule a day for moving your stuff to your new home but before that, you must keep a gap of a week so that you make a thorough check at the new house before shifting.
  • If you are a busy man and run short of time then avail services of the best packers and movers in Bangalore professional avail services of best packer and experts will help you to pack and move like a cakewalk.

Things To Do When Moving To New Home For First Time

Before reaching your new world it’s your responsibility to get things done accurately and precisely. Let’s discuss further in the article about Things to do when moving to a new home for the first time.

Clean Your New House

It is the most challenging job as the previous tenants might have left the house in a dreadful condition. It is necessary that you fix the cleaning issue, clean all the windows, doors walls, and ceiling. Clean the bathroom and scrub the surface thoroughly, if you wish you can replace the toilet seats as well try to remove the greasy marks from the kitchen and make sure that every nook and corner looks spotless, mop the entire house with the disinfectant floor cleaner, now your entrance is clean and welcoming.

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Check Wiring

If the old wiring is not proper then you must replace it, take help from an electrical engineer, get every plug point and switchboard tested, and upgrade the old one with the new ones.

Check Leakage 

It is the necessary thing to do when shifting to a new home for the first time you must properly check the plumbing in the house fix the leaks dripping taps faucets old sinks,  drain pipes, leaking water heaters to clean toilets and clogged drains. It feels soothing and comfortable when taps are fixed properly and there is no water leakage.

Check Infestation Of Insects 

Your property might be infected with cockroaches spiders rats and termites in every nook and corner of the entire house for insects and make sure that before entering your new house you get rid of them, carry plenty of insect repellent and spray them while visiting the house get all the tiny cracks and openings fixed where the insects hide dehumidify moist areas of the house to avoid infestation of insects.

Change The Locks

When you are shifting to a new house make sure that you have new locks as the old tenant and other people might have access to it so it is safe to change the locks before moving in. It is the most important thing to do when moving to a new home for the first time. Whether it is a rented house or you have got it on your own, it is necessary to ensure the safety of your property.

Paint Your New House 

the walls of your house may look dull and boring there might be some scratches and marks on the wall which you may not like to see when you enter the new world as it may remind you of the people who stayed there so it is better that you get your house painted with colors you can get it painted according to the furniture and decor you have, painting an empty house is much easier than it is filled with things.

Transferring The Utilities

Your strategic approach must make a move for transferring the utilities like gas connection, electricity connection, water service providers and guide you, regular helpers, to your new address. Contact your internet service provider and cable service provider for the installation.

Clean Your Old House Before Leaving For The New One

You must be excited about a new home and creating new memories but somewhere you might be sad about leaving the place where you lived for many years so give goodbye to your house and don’t forget to clean and sweep it before leaving as it will also leave a positive impression to the next tenant about your chivalry. Before leaving make sure you have packed everything and hand over the keys to the owner.

Packers and movers in Bangalore for local shifting are cost-effective and hassle-free. You can trust them completely for the safety and security of your precious stuff. They are experts from packing, moving to unpack, finalizing the service of moving is the best thing to do when moving to a new home for the first time.

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