Tips to prepare and maintain your car when moving

Whether you are relocating inter-city or intra-city, doing the same, especially in a domain like Bangalore, is a hectic job. Moving your home, carrying the different pieces of furniture, both general items and fragile goods, is principally tiring. Added to that, when you are moving your car, the load easily gets doubled. Surely, with a professional moving company taking care of the same, you will simply have to cross-check the whole process. But if you are doing it by yourself, then there’s a checklist that you need to tick.

This article will highlight some of the basic factors that you need to take care of, from preparing and maintaining your car while moving if you are doing it by yourself. It will also give you an idea of how an adept moving company will take care of the things if handed over to them.

How to prepare before moving your car?

Though it is not categorized as fragile, transportation does not make it any less important. There are a number of preparations that you need to make while you decide to move your car, that too by yourself.

Points to consider –

1. Use protective materials to avoid any scratches on your car

This is the first thing you must take care of while moving your car. From plastic wraps to blankets, you need to wrap up the car in a specified manner. Once that is done, you will have to especially secure vulnerable parts of the car (windows and dent-prone areas) so that your car remains protected in case of any unforeseen issue. Do not put any untoward pressure; secure it well with ratchets before transporting it.

2. Pack your car smartly

Since you are relocating, it goes without saying that you will have plenty of things to take care of. Hence, it is quite likely, that you would want to transport some of them via your car. If that’s the case, you must pack smartly and ensure that the things you place in the car are securely tied down. Also, if you place some goods on the overhead carrier, you must strap it to prevent any untoward incident securely.

moving your car

3. You could opt for immobilization

Opting for car immobilization is a great idea when you intend on moving your car while relocating. For the unversed, it simply means – tying your car down with ratchets (top-to-down format) and allowing no movement at all during the relocation process.

You will see mostly car haulers use the 4-tiedown process. In this, to secure the car at a spot – the tie-downs (2 at the front and 2 behind). It is best that you use this format. However, you will find out that when a professional deals with this relocation process – a chassis is used for securing the wheels. If you wish to, you may do the same.

4. It is best not to tow your car

You must have seen cars obstructing traffic or parked illegally being towed away. Apparently, it may seem an easy way to transport your car and also would reduce the load on your pocket. But that is far from the truth, and relocation experts strictly advise against it.

In fact, when towing away, chances are high that your car receives scratches or dents that, in the long run, could become nothing but nightmarish – both in terms of cost and otherwise. Therefore, it is best to pack the vehicle and hire a proper shipping vessel to transport it.

5. Choose a correct shipping vessel

The last thing you must remember is to choose the correct shipping vessel for your car. As it has been already advised that you must not tow your car to save it the long-term issues, you need to be cautious about the vessel you are using to transport your car.

The general alternatives available before you are – a trailer (both open or enclosed as and when required), singular-level trailer, or multi-level carrier vessel. Again, this depends on the car that you are transporting.

Let’s say you have an exotic brand or a classic vehicle to move; in that case, experts advise that you either go for a single-level trailer or an enclosed shipping vessel. This will prevent any kind of leakage or external harm to your car. On the contrary, an open trailer can do the job well if you have a smaller vehicle to transport. Secure it at the right places, and assuredly, there will be no issues regarding transportation.

These are some of the key factors you must consider when you have decided to move your car by yourself. On seeking the services of professionals, though, this process will become comparatively easier.

moving your car

How do experts handle this process?

When it comes to moving your car – as much as you may handle things well, there is a certain sense of professionalism involved when experts take over. The service providers associated with movers and packers Banashankari Bangalore, have years of experience backing their work procedure. Therefore, unlike you, they have segregated teams assigned to each task. The teams take care of the concerned issues and coordinate with you accordingly in the case of any query or associated discrepancy.

Thus, on the whole – one may state that the experts know the intricacies of this relocation process and, thanks to their years of experience in this domain, effectively carry out the process vis-a-vis a general individual.

Is Packers and Movers a good option?

Whether you are going inter-city or intra-city, when you book the services of an experienced packers and movers company, they would be way more of a help than any random company. Since they are aware of the procedures followed while moving your car and have specialized teams to take care of the same, the process becomes comparatively easier. Hence, it is recommended that – you pick experts for the job.

Last Thoughts

Moving a car, as difficult as it may sound already, is a way more critical job than you may imagine. Also, doing it by yourself is a hectic task, so you need to be prepared accordingly. However, if you seek expert help, assuredly, they will be doing the job, and all you would have to do is monitor the proceedings. Hence, it is advised that you thoroughly check the specifics before booking any packers-movers company for the same.


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