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Tips to safely move house plants to your new home

The tenets of moving are usual – pack your household goods, wrap the fragile items in bubble wrap and box them up, tape them well – putting the heaviest below and ask your packers – movers service providers to do the needful. However, what about your other set of housemates, the succulents that you have propagated all these years? How do you move house plants when you decide to make a shift from one locale to another? Relax! You have landed on the right page!

This digital write-up will provide you with details about moving the houseplants without any help and also give you an insight into the process that packers-movers Bangalore follows. Getting started –

How to prepare to move house plants?

At preliminary levels, if you are looking at moving house plants, there are a couple of steps you have to take. They are –

  • Ensure that you have watered it 2-3 days prior to the actual moving day. This will make the pot less heavy and comparatively easier to carry.
  • It would be best if you pruned the plants. Remove the dead leaves, pests and weeds and ensure that they are in a manageable situation.
  • If you are moving larger plants, you must wrap them in fleece to protect them. But make sure that you unpack them as soon as they arrive.
  • If it’s in heavy winter that you need to move your house plants, ensure they are either wrapped in newspaper, bubble wrap or foam. This will shed them from the harsh winters. Once they arrive, place them immediately under the sun or at least in a warm space.

These are some of the basics that you must follow when you decide to move house plants. However, to ensure that this moving process is carried out without any glitches, you must follow some steps (which most of the packers-movers service providers also follow).

move house plants

Checking them here –

What are the steps to follow?

**Before the Moving Day

Assuming you have to do this alone since the moving company (if you are hiring one) will only help you on the day – here are the steps to follow –

Step 1 – You will have to trim the plants and check them for pests and weeds. Ensure that you water the plant three days prior to the moving so that the water is completely settled by the time you are ready to move.

Step 2 – If you are moving a short distance (say within Bangalore or interstate to be reached within a couple of hours), then you will have to wrap them in foam or bubble wrap. For fragile plants, you will have to re-pot them.

Step 3 – In case you have to re-pot to move house plants, then take them out from ceramic pots (pull the roots out carefully not to harm the plant) and place them in plastic pots. You have to use a new organic mix to re-pot them.

**On the Moving Day

If you hire Packers And Movers HSR Layout, they will follow certain strategies to ensure that the moving process is carried out well.

Step 1 – Assuming the plants have been cleaned and trimmed and they have been re-potted, it is time to wrap them up. The professionals take the plants out, wrap them with newspapers, plastic covers or even biodegradable packing units and set them aside.

Step 2 – They either place the whole plant in cardboard boxes keeping the lids open or directly in the vehicle. In the meantime, they also ensure that the insulation levels of the plants are maintained (especially in the winter) and ensure that the temperature does not drop below 5 degrees C or go over 45 degrees C.

Step 3 – Lastly, they label the plants accordingly. During transportation, they ensure that there is no such tripping to maintain the position of the plants.

**At your new place

Now that the plants have finally arrived at your new home, you need to care for the same well.

Step 1 – This is the first thing that you need to unpack. Ensure that you pick it out well and then immediately place it in a warm space that has light. They have been in the dark for too long.

Step 2 – Another thing you have to ensure is – to place them somewhere calm. Ensure that – they are getting medium-level light, and then gently water them.

Step 3 – The last thing that you have to do is – give them time to settle down. Assuredly, they are in the plastic pots, water them, air them and let them be – for at least 4 days before you trim or prune or re-pot them.

The professionals have their team who will work accordingly. But if you are doing it yourself, these are certain aspects you must keep in mind.

move house plants

How will packers and movers help you?

When you connect with packers and movers, they will categorically hear out your demands. After that, along with your other household items, they, too, will figure out how to go about dealing with your plants.

Listing out your priorities and streamlining the moving plans accordingly, they will pack your houseplants in an above-stated manner so that they do not get harmed in the moving process. Rest assured; you have the best facilities at your behest.

Quickly ask them these questions

Before you opt for packers and movers service providers, do clarify with them if –

  1. They have previously moved house plants, and what is the procedure that they followed?
  2. How do they manage to move house plants over long distances (such as inter-state/ inter-country)?
  3. Do they have specialists associated with the job, or do the general workers do the needful by following the procedures?
  4. What credentials do they have in this domain?

Only when you find the moving-packing company that suits all your demands must you invest in the same.

Final Thoughts

Assuming you have read this article well, one may state that you now know how to move house plants in the correct manner. Moving houses is no easy task, and keeping these potted lives as good as they were in their previous home is one hell of a task. If you are managing it yourself, without a doubt, you are doing a tremendous job. Also, the professionals ensure that the job is streamlined and performed in a manner that does not harm your plants. So, rest assured; your job will be done in the best possible manner.

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