Top 5 points proving the authenticity of packers and movers Vijayanagar Bangalore

You perhaps were discussing with your colleague the tenacity required in coordinating with a service provider when you decided to relocate. That is when you got to know how your colleague was cheated and harassed in this whole process. Are you scared now about being cheated by a packing-moving service provider? How about discussing the fraudulence that a ‘so-called’ professional packing-moving service did extend to its customers? In the process, you will get to understand the authenticity levels that packers and movers Vijayanagar Bangalore extend to its clients.

Here is what you need to know –

How to know packers and movers Vijayanagar Bangalore are authentic?

No specific bar can guarantee that the services provided by a packing-moving company will be authentic. There have been multiple times wherein even reputed companies have cheated their clients. So, how will you know whether it is authentic? What are the most common ways to cheat customers? Is there a noticeable pattern? Let’s check for ourselves –

1. Starting with a bait and switching prices

This is one of the incidents that your colleague stated had happened to him. Also, this is one of the most frequent issues that most people complain about. The associates from the packing-moving services came over to his home, noted all the products that required moving, charted out the whole moving process and gave an estimate. However, on the date of moving – they charged twice the amount than the one previously discussed.

In fact, the issue had escalated to such an extent that your colleague had to pay the amount or there could be some legal issues. Scary right? Not just your colleague but also many others who have faced such kind of issues.

How to check the authenticity?

What will you do to safeguard yourself? Firstly, packers and movers Vijayanagar Bangalore have strict policies about their financial prospects. They have charted out their cost details and packages in their brochure, from where you may pick any package to suit your requirement. The details are clarified well by the representatives, and every financial discussion is documented. Therefore, be assured – the deal is sealed once and for all.

2. What kind of packing will be used?

Another issue that most people who have opted for ‘professional’ packing services face is – the kind of packing used. Service providers who claim to be ‘authentic’ simply dump the products or bunch them up in the boxes. There is no specific arrangement format. If you ask your colleague, then he might have faced this problem as well. So, how will you know that the packers and movers Vijayanagar Bangalore will not do the same with you?

Here’s how to know –

packers and movers Vijayanagar Bangalore

How to check the authenticity?

When it comes to packing the goods, the associates of Packers and Movers In Bangalore come over to your place to list out the goods for moving. Then, they list out the boxes, bubble wraps and covers that are to be used in the moving process. They will also coordinate with you and ask for your input in this whole process. Once it is finalised from both ends, will they go ahead and list out the moving specifications for you.

3. A set of lies and no reparation

Imagine you have handed over the packing, moving and unpacking responsibilities to a notable packing and moving service in Bangalore. However, later you realise that this whole process has become a fiasco, since not only has the packing-unpacking process resulted in the breaking of multiple goods, but also there’s no responsibility taken or reparation policy.

Imagine – that porcelain vase that you bought from your foreign trip broken into pieces – all thanks to the manhandling of the service provider, and now there’s none to take responsibility for! What are you left with? A bunch of lies about how the service providers are not responsible for any damage.

How to check the authenticity?

This, out of many others, is a place where Packers and Movers In Bangalore win it in terms of authenticity. When you will connect with their representatives, and if the deal falls in place – you will be given a set of rules and conditions (their handbook) where reparations regarding any untoward incident or loss of material are clearly stated.

Also, once the deal between the parties has been finalised, you will have to sign documents stating a complete understanding of the process. It will be signed by both you as well as the team manager who is dealing with your moving process.

4. Promising unpacking process but no assistance

The biggest assistance that any of the packing-moving companies promises is – easing out the unpacking process. Packing up and moving is part of their job, but unpacking them in the correct manner is the real deal. There are multiple instances wherein the service provider does promise to help, but once the delivery is done, they are nowhere to be found. Also, if at all they do help, then they charge extra for that.

How to check the authenticity?

Given this scenario, how will you determine the authenticity of packers and movers Vijayanagar Bangalore? For starters, when you connect with their representatives, they will sit down and detail the whole procedure with you. In that session itself – you will get an outline of the specifics, and once finalised, you will be provided with a written copy of the same. Be assured – everything comes well-documented.

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5. Not matching up with the delivery date

Most of these ‘so-called’ notable and professional packing-moving service providers do not deliver on the stated date. That’s not all! At times, they follow no delivery schedule and do not show up on the fixed date. Are you scared that your delivery partner will do the same?

How to check the authenticity?

There’s no need to be scared since packers and movers Vijayanagar Bangalore have a reputation to maintain. Check any of their testimonials, and you will find mention of their punctuality. Be assured.

Connect with the experts

On a parting note, one may state that when looking for the services of packers and movers Vijayanagar Bangalore, you can always connect with the representatives at

Packers and Movers In Bangalore have always held a prime position in offering relocation services – both for residential and commercial domains. Connect with their representatives, and state your requirements. Once this exchange is over, be assured of getting complete support from their end, easing your relocation process.


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