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What Are The Best Ways To Protect Your Floors During A Move?

Are you finally moving into your dream house in south Bengaluru? The stars have finally aligned, and you have decided on a moving date. You have scheduled the basics, and there is one thing that you cannot manage to deal with is – protecting your floors. If you connect with any of the transit-helping service providers, such as packers and movers Banashankari, they, with their set of experts, will assist you in moving your goods without even letting a scratch on your floor. However, if you wish to do things independently, that is also an option.

As you will scroll down this article, you will get an idea about protecting your floors while moving out (if you have to do it independently) or how the professionals manage to do the same.

How to protect your floors while moving homes?

When moving out of a rented home, if you leave the floors dented or damage any of the properties along with it, you might not get back your security deposit. Hence, herein you will get to know about ways to protect the different kinds of floors.

1. Measure your furniture and carry the lighter items

The first thing that even the packers and movers services advise or do is – measure the furniture(its edges and how it will supposedly go through the doors), and the ones that are comparatively lighter such as chairs, dining tables and sofa sets are best carried.

2. Wrap the legs and cover the edges of the furniture

This is a basic to ensure both your floor and furniture remain protected. There are rubber stamps available, which you must stick-on onto the edges and legs of the furniture to prevent the wear-tear of both the furniture and the floor.

Packers And Movers Banashankari

3. Dollies are of great help

Moving dollies (especially the ones with rubber wheels) is a must during the home shifting (if you are doing it alone. The professionals will always get it). They ensure the carrying of goods without adding scratches and patches to the floors.

4. Floor runners and shoe booties

When you hire professionals to do the job, mostly, you will find them using shoe booties to cover their shoes, protecting your floors. Apart from that, they also cover your floors with rolls of runners protecting them from the rough effects of shifting heavy items.

For smaller areas, you can always use heavy mats and old rugs taped well to the floor so that it does not move away.

If you have hardwood, tile, or vinyl floors

When you have hard surfaces and then hire the services of packers and movers they would automatically use ram boards and floor sliders. The other options available for you include floor protection films and a rosin paper-cardboard combo. These films are resistant and ensure that the hardwood stays without any patches or untoward scratches.

Rosin paper is a thick one that is mostly sold in rolls, and you can spread it with the help of tape and cardboard. If you are using polythene films, then secure it to the floor with an adhesive, and being resistant to wear and tear, it stays for a period of 45 days.

If you have carpeted floors

As good as a carpeted floor looks, whether it is moving your furniture out or shifting in, dealing with such floors is a critical affair. As good as they are – but carpeted floors are a magnet for dirt and stains. Hence, it is natural that when you are shifting, and if you have not managed to care ideally for the carpets, they could be a hassle.

Having stated that – you can use either sheets or a carpet masking film to protect the carpeted floors. When you use a masking film, it can protect the carpet area of your floor against any kind of spills, dirt, or even wear and tear. Additionally, when you are using sheets, they specifically protect against shoe stains and paints – thereby leaving no residue.

These are some of the key ways to protect your floors during your shifting or home moving process.

Do professional services help?

When you seek the services of packers and movers they make this shifting process way more systematic. Initially, they come in for the recce (both at your old place and your new abode) to understand the demands of your flooring and suggest some ways to deal with the furniture moving. Once that is finalized, they schedule the visits and process the whole movement in a categorized manner.

Since they are a set of professionals, who have been in this field for a considerable period, they know precisely how to deal with the issues and work in tune with the demands of the situation. Surely, you can manage your things independently and would do the needful, but with professional services, things get streamlined.

What are the additional things to remember?

Since you have an idea of the basics, it is important to check out some of the other associated factors regarding managing your floors.

1. You must have a plan

If there is, one factor that is of crucial interest apart from taking care of the flooring is – to make a plan. Your house might have part carpeted and part tiled floors. Therefore, what works for carpeted areas is not for vinyl or tiles area. Hence you need to previously plan out the specifics and work them out accordingly (if you are doing it alone). If not – assuredly, the professionals such as packers and movers will do their job.

2. You must clean the floors first

The second most important thing that you must note is – to clean the floor before going in for the shifting process. This will ensure that the debris and dirt do not stick to the floor, and hence while covering the same, it will be smooth.

Packers And Movers Banashankari

3. Taping is important for paper or cardboard

While using cardboard or paper to cover your floor, you must tape it well to prevent constant movement. Also, in case you have hardwood floors or even tiled surfaces with bare stairs – while moving, you must cover the stairs with preferably with rosin papers.

Final words

As streamlined as you might make it when you are moving homes, certain things are bound to go awry. Having said that, it is important that you take care of the basic factors to ensure that the moving process is a successful and less-stressful one. With premium transit service providers such as packers and movers rest assured you can ease the moving process considerably.

To garner more details about their location and services, log into their website. Their executives will note down your queries, set up a visit, and ensure that your issues are taken care of. Rest assured – this is the best way to make a move without patching out the floors.

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